Member/Moderator/Owner/Troop of the Week!

Hello troops,

It’s time to bring back some excitement into the DCP and let’s start that excitement by bringing back the weekly updates of this wonderful page.

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Member of the Week


Brief Description:

Rachel is considered our Member of the Week due to how positively she impacts DCP! She always lights up the room whenever she pops up in chat with her sweet and kind behavior. Rachel provides a warm family feeling whenever new troops enter DCP. She’s always recruiting and encouraging others to do the same! She remains showing her passion and loyalty here, which makes her a lovely member to have here.

Staff of the Week


Brief Description:

Fluffy is our Staff of the Week due to the amount of dedication she does for DCP! She’s always willing to help out in any way she can and is always motivating others to recruit. She’s always there to accommodate new members and help them to the best of her abilities. Fluffy is truly one of the most dedicated members we have ever seen! 

Owner of the Week


Brief Description:

Aloy26 is our owner of the week due to how many opportunities she provides here in DCP! You can always catch her welcoming new members and making them feel at home. She’s known for her great recruiting techniques as well, being able to connect with members on a personal level. Aloy is always showing perseverance and devotion here, which makes her a great member to have here.



Congratulations to all who have earned a position in one of this weeks categories, if you didn’t win this week be sure to try your best next week to have a better chance!



Rahaima – Doritos Leader


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