DCPNC- Festival of Snow!

Summit, Club Penguin Online DCPNC- Hey guys! The Festival of Snow is live on CPOnline now! I’ve looked at all the rooms and know where and how you can get items (some free!), and have the info on THE BRAND NEW MASCOT! So keep reading to make sure you don’t miss any of the pretty cool things this party has to offer! There’s snow much to see!

When you log on, you’ll be greeted by Tourdude! (I’m gonna name my first son that)

Sounds like we should go to the snow forts first!

Looks like you can chill and drill at the snow forts to get snowflakes! Awesome sculpture by RachelRue2 too!

Click on the helmets to get the special helmet!

You may notice in the top right of your screen, there’s a snowflake. When you click on it, you’ll see this!

Like Tourdude was saying, you can go to certain rooms, and using the hat at the snowforts and some other rooms, you can dig up snowflakes that you can redeem for prizes! That’s just the tip of the iceberg though!

Let’s check out some of the other rooms!

I always love free stuff!

The first room I went to was the iceberg, where there are free Ice Crowns! Make sure you pick it up! Now time to look at the other rooms, which are full of ice sculptures that users on the CPO discord submitted!

The sculpture at the cove was submitted by discord user NotA Robot
At the mine, a sculpture made by user Amatsukaze! Something fishy is going on here…we love fluffy the fish!
The forest has a pretty cool sculpture made by Ericco, along with the snow shop, which you can also access by pressing the upper right snowflake. I love the pun there, “HAVE AN ICE DAY
The plaza’s puffle piece is done by YOLOTH3M4N!
The Towns 2 sculptures, left to right are done by StinkBathtub and YOLOTH3M4N
The dock, similar to the snowforts, is an area where you can dig for snowflakes! This would be a good place to chat with someone to break the ice
The beach has a pretty gnarly statue dudes, Dan Eskimo did a wicked job on this, it’s pretty chill
I’m hooked on jack4272’s sculpture of catching the Mullet! You can also drill here for snowflakes!
Finally, the ski hill. This Sculpture designed by Pawlette, along with the fireworks you can see here, celebrate the festival of snow!!!

One of the most exciting things is the introduction of a brand new mascot, Tourdude!!!


You’ve seen him on the home page, now you can see him in game too!

He’s a meetable mascot so you’ll be able to see him in game!

Tourdude IG

Like the other meetable mascots, you’ll be able to collect a RARE background when you click on their playercard!

Tourdude's Giveaway
Looks awesome!!!

Hope you guys enjoy! If you liked this post about the festival of snow, don’t give me a cold-shoulder, leave a comment!

Till next time guys!

-Vivala (vivala1216), Doritos Leader

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