Retirement of Moospie


Hello DCP, well.. this is it.. your girl Moospie or Moopsie or Moose or Moos or whatever you guys call me lol is retiring for good this time.
Why? Well, I`m turning 20 this year, and I want to be close to my family now and still focus on getting to college and getting a job.
I don`t want to end up being a drop out.
Also my mom is still trying to get medical things taken care of and I want to be able to help out my parents in whatever way is needed while I`m still living with them til I get my own place in a few years lol.
When I first joined DCP in the summer of 2012,
I had no idea that my name was gonna be “Moospie” its just the way my 12 year old self put it because I just switched the ps to sp on xat when it would give you a null name when you join the chat *only old troops will understand that: @ Mustapha10 @ 32op @ Gingersnap lol.
I remember the moments when I was getting banned and kicked on xat for being absolutely noobish and random because thats how my 12 year old self acted lol.
There were many countless moments I had with all of you from the old generation of DCP to now the new generation of DCP.
My favorite moment though was being able to getting to know all of you and sit at my desk looking at my laptop screen or computer screen now seeing what you guys are talking about and sometimes get confused on what you may talk about if its something that doesn`t make sense to me LOL.
We won many wars. We fought many enemies. We never lost our fight. We never lost our shield. We feared the shield.
There is a lot of people I want to thank for letting me be in this special army from 2012 to now 2020.
Thank you to Mustapha10, as I got to know you, you are 1 of the most chilled people I got to talk to and I do remember when I was 12 I used to call you my father I don`t know why it was just a thing LOL.
Thank you to 32op, as I got to know you, you showed me to get through the hard obstacles I had been through my whole life even though sometimes I tended to over talk about my life issues.
Thank you to Gingersnap, as I got to know you, you were very hilarious and layback person.
Thank you to Meer, though I forgot that you were around in 2012 when I joined its nice to know I still have my 2012 buddies who joined with me to get far to this point.
Thank you to Vivala, I am sure you are gonna leave a great path here for the new generation to join DCP, I hope you use my inspirition of being a old troop in the army and you become a veteran too.
Thank you to Lamp and tootsie, you guys always made me laugh when I see you guys having little silly cute arugments to each other like a married couple.
And most importantly, thank you to Wwebestfan1! The creator of Doritos Of CP. I know I only talked to you once or twice Wwe, but I do remember seeing you retire when I first joined in 2012 and you are the reason this army is still here today breaking barriers in CPAC history.
For those who I didn`t mention, its hard to include all of you but I truly thank all of you! I will still be on discord chatting with you guys. Just won`t be at events or recruiting anymore.
I hope you newcomers get to witness great history in this wonderful army and it gives you something to remember!
We are a family and it forever stays that way.
The only true good CP army that never causes any fights between each other or cheat on battles or multilog.
Fear the shield, OTF, Bang bang doritos gang.
For one last time.. this is Moospie..signing off..
P.S Yes I`m almost getting emotional but I`ll be fine I`ll still be talking to you guys on here.
Love you all, ~Moospie~

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  1. I love you forever. Long live the Moospie legacy, DCP legend, and a role model and inspiration for many people. Truly an amazing person!

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