Invasion of Frosty [Success]

Hello Doritos,

Today we successfully invaded Frosty, (DWs Capital), and absolutely destroyed them. We maxed around 70.


Banee, a judge and one of the most sweetest people you’ll ever meet in this community, decided that that the Ice Warriors won the last room. However, its clear from the pictures and video that DCP destroyed them in all 3 rooms and it was a clear DCP 3-0-0 Victory.

I also was expecting only the Ice Warriors to show up, however, Andrew24, a CPA legend, backed up on his word and had to get the DW to help them out. The fact that 3 armies with very experienced leaders can’t even defeat us on a day where OUR experienced leaders such as Brad and Mustapha10 cant show up, is pathetic.

Apparently pinging a chat with 800+ people is not considered help at all, according to Andrew24.

This just shows how bad the Ice Warriors really are. They realized that they cant fight us 1v1 and that this isn’t 2007 CPA which Andrew was hopping for. DCP runs CPO now, go home. There isn’t a possible way you can defeat the Oligarchy when you can’t even defeat the Oligarchy at its weakest point. You’re pathetic.

And of course, after the battle, Spi101 had to make the excuse that they haven’t been open long enough but If I remember correctly DW was bragging on how they opened up just now and tied with DCP in the cc finals. They claimed that the “DW owns CPO” and called me a “Irrelevant leader” along with Rex, Ginger & Elvis. We easily proved them wrong by defeating veterans such as Freezie66, Spi101, Andrew24, Ghost etc etc. They can keep hating us, keep hating that we’re a family, keep hating that we rule CPO, keep hating and harassing our troops. The fact is that “Family Forever” actually means something to us and our troops, unlike both the Dark and Ice Warrior troops, who just come for the coins. DW was built of a ping might I add. DCP is the only REAL army community out of the three and everyone knows that.


Also, Please Keep In Mind Spi101, we didn’t call the war, you knew what you were signed up for, you knew that DCP was stronger and bigger, but you still called war. So stop moaning about your losses, you wanted this, and well you got it.


Also In regards to why we lost the last point in the third room, I talked to one of the sweetest people I know and the judge, Banee. Banee confirmed with me that she was more lenient towards Ice Warriors towards the end of the battle and she was harsh on the Doritos. If you look clearly at the video, we had more bombs, more formations, more tactics, more size etc etc. We completely demolished them. The last point was for pity.


Anyway, enough of my rant of how much DW/IW sucks and how they’re filled with losers. Lets get onto the video and pictures.

Pregame – (Obv side increases when its battle time :D)

Room 1 – Cove

Room 2 – Iceberg

Room 3 – Stadium

My amazing video :D. Also watch the last room and someone explain to me how IW even had a chance at winning stadium, thanks.

Also Special Thanks to NatyCupcake for this amazingly realistic video.

The Doritos Oligarchy

32op, Mustapha10, Brad, Elvis, Gingersnap & Kato



3 Responses

  1. I bet they will surrender within the next week after realizing this was stupid to begin with LMAO ~Moospie~

  2. DCP will always be more superior than all the other teams. We actually have the determination and dedication to win, and show we are really one giant family.

  3. LOL RIP “the warrior alliance”

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