Into the Vault: Why the 2019 Christmas Chaos was rigged

Summit, DCP Central Headquarters – As the clocks tick more and more we get ever so closer to a new year. This year has been emphatic for Club Penguin Armies, quite a successful year if I do say so myself. We feel like as the year closes out, its time to enjoy some throwback posts to events that occurred during the year. In today’s Edition of Into the Vault, we will be looking at the Christmas Chaos 2019 Battle that was completely rigged.

Let’s start off by looking at the first room.

Harout, one of the judges, announced the first room to be Cove. Both armies raced into the cove and thus began the Christmas Chaos Finals 2019.

The Dark Warriors were quick to get into Cove and start off with a beautiful backwards T, while the Doritos scattered. 32op, DCP leader, ordered his troops to make a circle with a horizontal line which failed drastically giving the DW an advantage for 2 mins. However, 32op commanded his army to do bombs and sit on the Dark Warriors, this showed truly how dominant the Doritos were in the first room after a rough start.

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In the pictures above, you can clearly see that the Doritos drastically outnumbered the Dark Warriors. When both the Dark Warriors and Doritos bombed each other, 32op took charge and commanded his army into a + formation which was far better than the original DW formation. After a slow start from the Doritos, the Doritos reclaimed the room with beautiful tactics, bombs & formations. Making them the clear winners of the first room.

Lets move onto the Second room.

Harout announced the second room to be Beach. However, this was very controversial because the Dorito Army were already on the beach before Harout announced the room.

The Doritos clearly dominated the room that was announced by Harout at first.They came in the room with more than 80 troops. The Dark Warriors weren’t able to log into the room, as the Doritos Army were 2x as big as the Dark Warriors. This made Harout, the judge, announce another room with no specification if that was a room that the Doritos were supposed to switch too or not.

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In the above pictures, you can see the clear confusion that the Doritos leader, 32op had. After DCPs fast formation into a + formation and fast word tactic , “Unk is no match for wwe”, LPG, a new Doritos 3ic, said “Move to docks” with which 32op replied with “docks?” with a short pause. During this short pause, xBee & Vivala, 2 high commands troops, were confused and arguing on the Event Voice Chat, which more than 50+ dorito troops were connected too, on wether if the Dorito Army were supposed to move to docks or not. Shortly after 15-30 seconds after 2:12 CST, the Doritos moved troops into Dock.



Freezie66 2:10 CST: ALL DW GO TO DOCKS

Unfortunately, the Dark Warriors deleted their #battle-commands channel, I suppose to hide any proof against them. So I made an accurate version myself of what was probably happening during the time. The Dark Warriors got off to a great start in the Docks with no opposition to the confused Doritos, who were still in the first announced room. Thus giving them advantage.

As seen in the above picture, the Dark Warriors clearly had an advantage. However, 32op, as seen in the previous room, didn’t give up. He announced his troops to bomb them multiple times with 2 formations, a + and a horizontal line. Thus the Doritos came back with a bang.

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As you can see in the above pictures, the Doritos did in-fact enter with a bang. The Doritos outnumbered the DW once again even though they entered the room 1-2 min later than the DW. They had beautiful formations & tactics, stealing DW’s + formation, sitting on them and covering up DW tactics. However, just as the Doritos thought their couldn’t be any other mix-ups, the Dark Warriors started entering the third and final room early.

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If you compare the 3 pictures above, you can clearly see the decrease in the amount of Dark Warrior Soldiers. Slowly but surely before the :20 mark, when the next room would be announced, the Dark Warriors started disappearing.

Soon before :19, the Dark Warriors army was out of the designated room that they were supposed to be in. Which is called retreating. If you take a look back at the 2016 Christmas Chaos Finals, where 32 & Epic led DCP, the Doritos won by default because the Rebels retreated.

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As you can clearly see in the above pictures that the higher commands of DCP are confused where the Dark Warriors went, as the DCP was the only army standing before :20 in Beach. Making DW disqualified and automatically giving the Doritos the victory in this room. However, if this isn’t enough proof for you that the Dark Warriors left the room before hand, allow me to show you the greatest moment in CPA history.

As you can clearly see the above image, the Dark Warriors were going into stadium before the room was even announced.

Lets move onto the third room now.

This time Bucky, a former Pirates leader, announced the room stadium. Obviously, the simplest of people can realize that the room was sent before hand to Epic & the Dark Warriors. Thus began the battle in room 3.

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Clearly if you look at the above pictures, DCP dominated DW in size regardless of the fact that the Dark Warriors had went to the room earlier than the Doritos.

Again the picture of Epic101 claiming that his “game crashed” but this time you can see he claims that it was a lockout room. If you truly think about it, this is the most legendary moment ever, All the DW owners and leaders got disconnected at the same time, they all reconnected and magically appeared into Stadium ( the final room) which YOU CANT BE SPAWNED INTO WHEN YOU LOGIN and they all magically decided to make a line beforehand. How amazing right?

Regardless of the fact that the Dark Warriors had an advantage over DCP in the second and third rooms, we still drastically outnumbered DW and had better tactics. You can clearly see in the pictures above, if you use your head and count, DCP had an advantage of 40+ troops. However, Epic claims that we tied because of formations in the last room. Formations don’t mean much at all when an army is incredibly larger than you(50+ troops difference). Say if a small army like the Instrumentals faced the Doritos and had 15 on while the Doritos had a small size of 50. If the Instrumentals make 10 diff formations, would that make them the winners of the battle? NO, it wouldn’t be a tie either. The Judges know that.

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As you can clearly see from the conversations from the judge, the judge admits we had better tactics & size. You can also see that the judge admits to Epic101 making the ultimate decision on who won the battle. Epic knew that the Doritos had won, but didn’t want his army to lose, so he made it “a draw” even though we have clear proof that we got cheated in the second room and third room. Epic was the mastermind behind making the result “a tie” and he even tried to cover it up.

If the judge is telling the truth, in that Epic101, himself, made the result a tie, why would Epic announce that in his opinion DCP should have won? Or in other words, If he thought DCP should have won, why would he tell the judge to make it a tie?

All the Doritos are asking is for fairness and we are asking in kindness, to name DCP the sole winners of the Christmas Chaos 2019. 30 days ago, we had 7 members in our discord that were active, we maxed 130+ today without any pings from large armies. We did this ourselves, properly, if one of us leaves the ship, we all go down. I do understand the risk I am making in posting this, but cpa isn’t worth it for me if its going to be unfair like this. Why should I bring hundreds of people into this community that is controlled by Epic, just to get cheated and trolled by him?

So what do YOU think of this battle? Should Epic101 overturn the incorrect decision and give the win to the Doritos? Do you think the Doritos deserve this after maxing 130+ in a span of 30 days? Here at Doritos of Club Penguin we want TO BE FAIR! Comment down below what you thought was unfair about this battle!


Club Penguin Online Army Legend, DCP Leader & Legend



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