Christmas Chaos 2019 – Results

Hello Doritos,

Here are the Christmas Chaos 2019 results. We maxed 130+ and according to CPAC judges(former pirates leaders), we won the first room, second room the DW won and finally “TIED” the last room. We believe DCP should have been named the ultimate winners of this battle, more on that later in another post. Here are the pictures, let yourself decide who won :).

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One of the greatest & legendary moments in the history of CPA -Epic101 and the leaders & owners of the Dark Warriors simultaneously had their game crashed. They later relogged in and spawned directly into the third & final room in a line. Simply the greatest moment ever.

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The Doritos Oligarchy

32op, Mustapha10, Brad, Gingersnap, Elvis & Kato

P.S – No matter what happens in the upcoming days, just know that we are the greatest CP army to ever exist. 

4 Responses

  1. That fight was a GREAT ONE #BANGBANGDORITOGANG!!!

  2. Absolutely amazing event. We blew them out of the water. They got the room 20 seconds in advance and didn’t count our lockouts. We were forced to move to the docks and we couldn’t get most of our troops in. It was a clear Dorito victory.

  3. Great to have claim victory once again in Christmas Chaos since we won it back in 2016! ❤ ~Moospie~

  4. sooo crazy how they spawned exactly into the 3rd room like that. legendary moment in cpa history 👏🏼

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