The Approach of an End

Hello Doritos,

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I certainly hope that you’ll have a happy new year. As the Christmas Chaos Finals approach, let’s take a look back at what has happened in this generation. The Doritos were reopened around 4 weeks ago on Club Penguin Online by Me, Mustapha10 & Freezie. Since then, we have been absolutely the most dominant army in the history of CPA. Our first week we took down the #1 Army, Redemption Force. Our second week we took most of CPOs servers. And the Third & Fourth week, we have been dominating Christmas Chaos. No one has won ONE room against us. We are 9-0-0 currently. Not only did we accomplish becoming the largest CPO army in 2 weeks, we have made a community that is much like a 2nd family for a lot of people. The key to our success is that we’re more than just an army, we’re a family. 

On Saturday we will face the Dark Warriors & Ice Warriors. Members of these 2 armies have constantly disrespected us and hated us because simply we are  better than them. We have been working very hard for this event and we will shut all the haters down on Saturday. Many DCP legends will be attending this event as this will be the biggest event CPA armies has ever seen. No matter what happens on Saturday, just know that WE did this alone with NO outside help. This already makes us the winners.

Family Forever

From the Doritos Staff

32op,Mustapha10, Brad, Gingersnap, Elvis, Kato, Vivala, Rex Tillerson, xBee, Queen, YungGliizy & LPG224



2 Responses

  1. DCP is the greatest

  2. We are clearly superior in every way.

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