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Although this was an extremely hard decision to make – I am here to announce that I am stepping down from my leadership position as of today* Myself and the DCP Oligarchy have put every effort into reviving the Doritos within the last month and in my opinion have created the greatest Doritos generation ever. When doing this, we recruited some of the most amazing troops within CPA history (and CPA history spans back almost 14 years) I am extremely proud of everyone here – everything we’ve accomplished.

Some of you may know, I originally returned to the community for the first time since 2015 as an Advisor in the Redemption Force. After seeing what Reacon was really using his army for (to boost his own ego & to exploit his troops) I had to leave. My only goal from there was to take Reacon down. I had heard rumours of Mustapha10 planning to revive the Doritos so I raced to the Doritos discord and dmed him. I told him “let’s take down Reacon together” And so it was – soon many others such as 32op, Elvis/Meerkat, Kato, Gingersnap & Brad joined and we formed the DCP Oligarchy.

We all came when the Doritos had 30 in Discord and within a mere month we have almost reached 2000 Discord users. An incredible achievement that everyone in the army has strive to build in the last month – no matter what the hater say, we were the first ones to do this. I felt I owed the Doritos a good run, I joined them in 2015 when I didn’t have any motivation about armies and did nothing. Hopefully I have made up for that now.

Yes, initially I only joined the Doritos to take out the Redemption Force. However, that goal was quickly accomplished and soon I began realising what the true definition of a family is. I felt it in the Oligarchy, I felt it every-time I talked to you guys on Discord. I stayed because Doritos felt like a true home and community that transcended Club Penguin. I remembered why I joined CP armies in the first place and I realised what a special place what it truly is. I only have to thank the Doritos for making me see that once more.

Why am I leaving the Doritos? Quite simply, there is an army that I hold close to my heart & it is returning. Many people within the leadership are aware of this and I have too much respect for them and the people within this army to go behind their backs and help it rise. I cannot focus my efforts on two armies. I feel tension rising, and I understand why. I don’t want it to end ugly, so I am doing the right thing and leaving. I believe myself and the Oligarchy have built the Doritos into one the most powerful armies in history, consistently getting 75+ on weekends with minimal recruiting. The work has been put in place for the army to hit 100+ when everybody is truly motivated to do so. As a result, the army does not need me – or anyone for that matter. DCP maxes 50+ without any leader being on and you guys are truly a family – I feel it every-time I look at the chat.

The main reason and objective I have for leaving the Doritos is that I want the Army Community to be alive again. I want it to be competitive – you guys deserve to have legitimate close and intense battles. It isn’t fun battling an army who gets 10. It’s too easy. With more armies returning, I believe the community will once again thrive and kids will experience what everybody did back in the day. Despite my leave, I will always hold DCP as an army that is truly family with incredible people. I will never have anything bad to say about the legends, the history or the Doritos owners. You all are why armies are a special thing.

My DM on Discord or anything else will always be open for anybody in DCP to talk if they need anything.  I will still be with you guys into making Club Penguin Armies great again. Thank you all for making this an amazing month.

For the last time,


Freezie66 – former Doritos Leader.


4 Responses

  1. ;( big sad vibes. i know we like never talked but imma miss you Freezie

  2. i’m going to miss you,

  3. Freezie we will miss you u did a good job taking down RF and reviving Doritos.

  4. We will all miss you freezie. 😦

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