An inside look – The truth about Mustapha10, the Doritos and Club Penguin armies

Hello, Doritos!

This is a personal post that I found myself wanting to write. Read more if you’re interested!

So I’ve never really talked about this, but there’s a first time for everything. Is this the proper place to talk about this? The Doritos website? I don’t know. I might be able to get away with it if this were my retirement post, but it isn’t and I just found myself needing to explain this to people. Typically, I don’t like explaining myself – but through experience I’ve learned that communication is important for everyone!

Wanna know something? I’m Mustapha10 and I have been the leader of the DCP for a longer period of time consistently than anyone else since our creation in 2010. I’ve been called many things in the past. One that stands out to me is when someone tells me that I’m egotistical, to the contrary completely — I’m just trying to help. You see, when people like me and your fellow leaders found out about armies when we were younger, yes we were just kids at the time, but it essentially became an escape from reality for us. This has been an ongoing cycle for generations of armies. This has been a place where people of all kinds can have a lot of fun and make a ton of friends in armies. Through all the years that I have been here, I have had many people personally message me and tell me about how DCP saved their life. This is why we’re here. This is why we do this. This is why we are here in 2019. It’s not about ego. This is Club Penguin. Time is the most valuable resource – and it’s all about the time you spend with people that make you happy. People that you love. If I had people like Wwebestfan show me how much joy it can bring everyone when you bring everyone together, I shouldn’t have to explain to people why I am here. Deep down, people like West know why we do this, it’s there somewhere. If they thought about this. Showing me what is possible when people are brought together. This has made me really good at getting people together and making me the leader of organizations at my college. And no, I don’t care about how many people you’re able to bring together… are you connecting?! Wanna know what’s crazy? We have a hundred years here, we’re one race. The human race. One civilization. We’re a blimp in the existence of the universe, and we constantly try to bring each other down instead of doing things to help each other. I’ve called small army leaders on voice chat and I went to them and told them that I wanted to help. I’ve gone to the army league chat and told army leaders to message me if they need any tips on becoming an efficient leader. And, although sometimes people in this community have their differences, which is bound to happen we all know deep down the underlying reason that we’re all here. This is what dope is. It’s human nature for us to want to help one another, and a lot of people in the world try to help in different ways. This is what we know, and it’s so underrated and not looked at. Video games, the internet, ect – is a great way for people to enjoy themselves and have a good time and a good way to help others. Now I hope you all look at the leaders of this community differently. People talk about the ones who care the most, but you might realize that people like Lord Pain just want to help. 32op, Brad, Gingersnap, Elvis and Kato and I created this generation of the Doritos and this is more than just an army – this is an idea, and ideas can never be stopped.


This is the legacy of the Doritos Empire.





4 Responses

  1. Mustapha you have been a wonderful leader, who has really cared about reconnecting old friends and creating a place for new people to make friends ❤

  2. Musta, i love your post it really explains a lot!! But you know, I was not a great person in the past to you, but that can change right? You made my life changed forever and you deserved to be one of the best dcp main leader I’ve ever seen besides wwe! Thank you for everything that you’ve done to teach me! Let’s keep on going, Musta! 🙂

  3. I would like to join the army. But how do you join an army?

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