The Truth of PDF

The Doritos of CPO’s mission is to bring everyone a safe and fun environment for those who choose to join. We lead by example and aim to make this army a place where we can make friends and be there for one another.

These past few days have been hectic within the CPO community and towards the future of how armies will be run. One of our 2ic’s Summit, decided it would be a smart idea to verbally attack a past CPO moderator in front of both CPA’s and CPOAC’s community. This not only showed how toxic of an individual Summit is as a person, but embarrassed DCP and what we stand for.

After seeing this, we knew that there had to be action to take place. That was to demote Summit from 2ic to 4ic. One of our Leaders in Training, Gingersnap was the one to demote him, and it drove Summit to believe that Ginger was the cause for his demotion within the army. Gingersnap was verbally attacked due to this.

expose summit 2
expose summit

All of this toxicity could have been stopped after the first incident but he chose to continue despite all that was said. Shortly after, it came to attention that he chose to leave DCP and join PDF, with others following.  All of these actions are what led to Summit being banned forever from the Doritos.

Unfortunately, one of our troops accidentally said something racist in CP Armies Hangout. We all make mistakes and learn and grow from them. Together as a family, we can understand that it wasn’t ok for her to do that but it was not intended as a racist mark. Misa and Summit, who are now in PDF, made alt accounts to come into DCP and harass a troop in front of the eyes of others.

Promoting the use of verbal attacks towards other members within the community just because you don’t like them is immature and embarrassing itself.
Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 5.22.00 PM.png

According to Eden, who is one of the most important members within the CPA community has received threats from Summit himself.

“But if you threaten me again, I will pay to have you doxed”

Summit must be stopped and removed from all CP related communities. He is an individual who is only fueled by his own rage.

Spotty, this behavior is something that we do not allow within DCP. In behalf of this occurring, the Doritos apologize for the amount of negativity that was given to you by this individual

IF ANYONE CURRENTLY FROM THE DORITOS OF CPO IS IN THE PDF SERVER, PLEASE LEAVE NOW.  We do not associate ourselves with people who provide a negative environment. 


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  1. Good summary, why I left PDF.

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