DCPNC – CPO Batman takeover [Classified Files – 9 (Dec 11)]

Hey Doritos,

Summit, Club Penguin Online DCPNCClub Penguin Online’s Batman Takeover’s Classified files are here! Today is the last quest of the batman party! You don’t wanna miss it!

Click read more.

When you log on to Club Penguin Online, a new classified files has been added. Click the batman logo on the right corner of your screen.

Click go there! Then you will be at the lighthouse! Click the joker box!

Then the Joker will pop up a message on your screen!


Click go there again! Then you will be sent to the Batman Cave!

Before you go to the Batman Cave, Batman will pop up a message on your screen!

Throw Bat-A-Rangs at the machine while being in the range of the circle. But don’t let the circle touch you, or it’ll gain back health.

Click ok. I will help you find the trick on this one.

So, all you have to do as a final quest is you need to NOT touch the purple circle otherwise it will gain back to its former health!!! You need to Press T for snowballs(Bat) and it will come up as a Bat to throw at the joker bomb, you can throw it anywhere but you need to throw it close as the picture shows you below! If you don’t throw it close and you’re throwing it far away, it won’t damage the HP! So you need to get close and throw it! 

You have to throw the snowballs at the joker, spam as necessarily without touching the purple circle as well as being close to it, then move back away from the purple circle when they are moving back and fourth, you will have to repeat this before defeating the joker.

Purple Circle means, if you touched it – The joker remains the health back.

Once you reached to the half HP, you can tell that it changes colors that mean that you almost defeated him! Keep on doing it!

Once you’re done defeating the joker! Baman will pop up a message for you on your screen!

Looks like l underestimated you… you saved Gotham. Thank you for your hard work.

Then the mission rewards file will pop up on your screen! CLAIM ALL OF THEM, THEY DON’T LAST UNTIL THE 15TH!

That is it folks! Check back Dec 16th for the Christmas Catalog as well as the Christmas Party coming up!!!

Bye for now,

~Kyle103 was here~

Third In Command and DCPNC Creator

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