This was all you

Doritos ended in 2017 when Club Penguin shut down. Nobody ever thought the army would return and I never thought I’d lead another CP army but here I am.  There was talk in the pending years after, but it didn’t happen until last week. Doritos returned with an unprecedented rise – no army ever returned like this. Let us look at the facts:

No army has ever managed to consistently max 60 at events after being dead for years

No army has ever managed to reach 1150 Discord Members within a week of reopening

No army has ever managed to create a community where everyone feels like genuine family in such a short time span

Myself, Mustapha and 32op may have been known for leading large armies in the past, but we did not even know how Discord worked. Every single troop in this army is responsible for where the Doritos are at now, not one individual. You guys did this. It wasn’t a CPO admin or  legendary leaders, it was simply family coming together and doing what they do best. This is just the beginning of our journey – the Doritos have always been much more than Club Penguin and already we’re seeing the truth behind that. I want to grow this so called Club Penguin Army into something where anybody of any circumstance can come on and chat to someone and make new friends. The fact that I can come on here and see people talking about all topics of life and really connecting each other makes this experience worth it.  I don’t need any other reason to come and lead this army, as long as I know something I’m apart of is making a positive impact on the life of others then that is all that matters. I want everyone in the army to feel the exact same way, it doesn’t matter if you are a private or leader.

DCP as an army where anyone and everyone is welcomed – I fought against this army and its legends many times in the past and here I am leading it years later. This is evidence that ANYTHING is possible. You can always come back better and stronger than anyone or anything – there’s no better example than this army.

We’re only a week and a bit in and already so many people have made bonds and memories that will last for a very long time. It doesn’t stop now, we’re just going to keep going and going.

2014: Here I am leading the Dark Warriors against the Doritos in a UK battle.

2019: And so here I am, leading the Doritos into another golden age alongside legendary leaders and the greatest troops I’ve ever seen.

Family Forever 

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  1. Family Forever ❤

  2. family forever ❤ xx

  3. Family forever❤️

  4. Family❤️

  5. family forever!!!1 <33

  6. family forever ❤

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