Introducing: DCP Divisions!

Hello, Doritos!

We will be launching 2 new divisions within the Doritos! The following divisions will face off against each other in friendly, yet fun practice training battles. We can have huge face offs all throughout the island. These divisions will also be useful in war – We could use these divisions to simultaneously launch attacks and invasions on multiple armies at the same time.


Leaders – 32op, Freezie66, Brad, Kato


cool ranch



Leaders – Mustapha10, Meerkat/Elvis, Gingersnap 


nacho cheese.png

These divisions will be launched in the near future. There will be an option on our discord for you to choose a division along with a Nacho Cheese channel and a Cool Ranch channel! So, for certain events we will use these uniforms! Let us know what you think about the upcoming divisions in the comments section below!

Until later,

March on!

~DCP Oligarchy

Fear the Shield



5 Responses

  1. oh nice idea!!

  2. love the idea!

  3. Cool idea! :))

  4. а что звучит хайпово

  5. Love it!!

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