DCPNC – CPO Batman takeover [Classified Files – 2 (Dec 4)]

Hey Doritos,

Summit, Club Penguin Online DCPNCClub Penguin Online’s Batman Takeover’s Classified files are here! There will be plenty of posts that l will be posting everyday! So stay tuned! If you haven’t checked my previous post about the  Classified Files of Dec 3 and Batman Party click the link!

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When you log on to Club Penguin Online, a new classified files has been added today(Dec 4) Click the batman logo on the right corner of your screen.

Click Go there, and you will be at the Ski Hill! You will have to wear a Batman Suit to see the lasers, otherwise this is what it looks like:

Click, and then enter the Indian Hill Cage. You will find out what makes the mess!

Before you entered the cage, you will notice that there is a maze going on. But it is not going to be easy as you think it is.

If the motion red light has occurred that means that you’re going back to the very beginning of when you first entered the ski hill!

Now this is just a game, you can do it as many tries as you want but l will show you the trick of how to prevent this from happening by wearing a Batman Suit to see the lasers!

After you’re done putting on the Batman Suit, you should be able to see the lasers that is preventing you from entering the maze! Make sure you don’t touch the lasers!

On the second maze floor, you’ll see the Batman logo pin sitting in the corner on the right of the bat when you first finish clearing the first maze! You won’t be able to pick it up the pin very easily though. You have to go through the maze to pick it up the pin.

When you’re done going through the maze to get the pin, you have to click on the floor where the pin is sitting at and stand on it.

The new pin is called a Batarang Pin.

Now finish the maze, you’re not done yet! You still need to go to the rest of the maze!

When you entered the third maze floor, you’ll notice that there’s a red motion light moving around through the maze, you don’t want them to get to you! Otherwise you’ll have to start all over again at the very beginning, so be very extra cautious!!! 

When you’re done, enter the door!!!

Before you enter the door, the weird message on the Lock door will pop up on your screen.

Hugo Strange really thinks a metal door can keep us from getting into his office, huh? That’s stainless steel. The weakest point is the lock! Break it with brute force by clicking it. Then, turn the spindle.

Click the lock inside the square.

You’ll notice that the pattern is changing very fast! Keep on clicking!

Then you have to move the steering wheel in 360 degree angel and it will turn.

Once you are done with that, you’re done with the quest of the maze! Claim all three Hugo Strange for free!

You can keep wearing a Batman Suit, or take it off because you’re done with the quest!

Ahhh ~ It feels nice to be back to normal!(Hehe)

That is it folks! There will be more Classified files folder on Dec 5 – 11, and i will keep you up-to-date!

Bye for now,

~Kyle103 was here~

Fourth In Command and DCPNC Creator

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