Promotions December 2nd

Thank You All For Coming To The Invasion of Flurry.

As we promised, everyone who attended the event will be promoted on the Ranks Page 

Fill out the form below in the comments section to be Promoted

  1. What is your Club Penguin Online username?

  2. What is your discord username?

  3. Did you attend the event and follow all of the orders?

  4. What is your current rank in the Doritos Army?

Ranks will be updated every Sunday for members. If you’re a new mod or owner you should be added immediately.

Ranks Page:

-32op Doritos Leader & Legend



76 Responses

  1. 1. RexTillerson
    2. RexTillerson
    3. Yes
    4. Sergeant

  2. very postive comunity, and its fun

  3. 1. Farley128
    2. Farley128#2910
    3. Yes
    4. Head Colonel

  4. MG3167
    Yes I came to the event and followed all the orders 🙂
    My current rank is Warrant Officer

  5. LPG224
    LPG224 [DCP Head Colonel]
    Yes sir I did.
    I’m head colonel right now

  6. coolgirl58
    i don’t think i have one

  7. 1. x waddle
    2. noa#3196
    3. yes
    4. colonel

  8. xbee
    bekahloove (xbee)
    of courseee (:

  9. 1. Derya Hs
    2. Luna.
    3. Yes
    4. Major

  10. mc Licky 5
    Dummy Thicc

  11. Scarlettji
    Yes I attended all events and followed orders

  12. 1 – oopsiies
    2 – chlamydiia
    3 – yes 🙂
    4 – i am not ranked, i just joined.

  13. Danny7980


    Yes did all the orders


  14. Wango05
    Doritos Private

  15. 1. IncomplNam
    2. Incompl Nam
    3. Yes
    4. Lieutenant


  17. CPO Username: Jupyy
    Discord user: Jupiter#0059
    I did attend the event and follow all orders.
    I am currently a Lieutenant in the army.

  18. 1.) – DDRshane
    2.) – DDRshane#5079
    3.) – Yes
    4.) – Doritos Private

  19. Rogueminato
    Yes i logged into Slushy at 6:45 and was at the at the stadium and in Plaza followed all orders
    Just Joined Member

  20. Ploopyegg
    did attend and follow orders
    my rank is head general

  21. Hai, my CP username is Elmie and my Discord username is Elmie#6797.
    I attended the event and followed the orders~
    My current rank is: Private. 🙂
    It was a fun event!

  22. CP Name: freshoranges
    Discord: Freshoranges1
    I followed all the orders
    last i knew i was a warrant officer

  23. beanstonny
    I did attend the event it was amazing
    I am a private right now

  24. 1. Charmianos
    2. nimplicious
    3. Yes; did all the tactics
    4. No Rank

  25. Club Penguin Online username is Beheybanana6
    My Discord name is Cute_Potato!#0658
    I did attend the event today and followed all orders 🙂
    My current rank is Colonel.

  26. 1. Chungiez
    2. Chungiez #0222
    3. Yes
    4. Head General

  27. KalieC. KAL814. Yes and yes. Doritos Private

  28. 1. Matts xd
    2. Mattscrack
    3. Yes
    4. Doritos private

  29. CP Name- CloudTheBird

    Discord Name- Aaron_(im gay)

    i followed all directions and was able to and for both tactics

    Rank- 61

  30. 1) sneha13944
    2) sneha
    3) Yes,I did
    4) Rank- 38

  31. I went to last nights event and tonight’s and still haven’t got my coins or been on the ranks.

  32. 1. MoospieMJFan
    2. Moospie|LieutenantGeneral|
    3. Yes I attended and followed all orders despite lagging a bit on and off
    4. Lieutenant General

  33. Club Penguin User: Metavibes
    Discord User: Metavibes
    Event: I attended the event, I was a little late due to my college class but did all orders
    Rank: Private

  34. 1. Popmonsters
    4.Private (level 1)

  35. 1. APrinter
    2. APrinter
    3. Yes
    4. no rank

  36. LPG224
    LPG224 [DCP head colonel]
    Yes sir
    I am head colonel

  37. i was there cant see my previous comment for some reason

  38. 1. JEFFSGIRL
    2. CandyLive
    3. Yes I have
    4. Level 3

  39. 1, M0096
    2. M0096#3776
    3. Yes
    4. Head Colonel

  40. 1.) 4armsDCP
    2.) 4arms4life
    3.) Yes
    4.) 4ic (not appearing on the ranks though idk)

  41. 1. My CPO username is Dangerous 13.
    2. My Discord username is That_Idiot.
    3. I did attend the event and follow all the orders.
    4. My current rank is Sergeant.

  42. 1. Mae101
    2. Maeflower
    3. Yes 🙂
    4. I’m recently new!

  43. Boyamerger
    Lieutenant General

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