DCPNC – CPO Batman takeover is here!!

Hey Doritos,

Summit, Club Penguin Online DCPNCClub Penguin Online’s Batman Party is happening, and there’s are tons out there to see! From Dec 2 – 15, you’ll have plenty of days to find the cool stuff that is happening at the CPO Batman takeover party! New pin has been added as well!

Click read more to find out.

Before you log on to Club Penguin, you will see the Batman Party cover on the home page! Look’s pretty cool huh?! Let’s start loggin on to Club Penguin and find out!

Woah! You can’t believe how excited it is to have a Batman takeover party!! Before you log on to Club Penguin, the GCPD(Gotham City Police Department) will pop up on your screen.

Herbert has freed everyone from Arkham Asylum! Gotham City is in danger, and the GCPD needs YOUR help to catch all the villains again!

Click ok button.

Now before l start anything, l will show you the rooms of what batman takeover will looks like!


Let’s find out what the Town looks like shall we?


Gotham Museum(Gift Shop):

Snow Forts:

The Dock:

Oh no! Gary, Rookie and The Jet Spy are froze in solid ice! Click the icicle to smash and release them!

When you did all 3 of the, you will get a reward in the case files of batman for releasing them! You can click on the Batman Logo on the top right corner of your screen.

Claim all three of the Batman costume! They are free!

This is what it looks like afterwards.

The Beach: (It’s dark)

I like how they bring back the Rockhopper theme inside of the Lighthouse!


Ski Hill:



Now, here’s a trick part. You’ll see the arrow that is pointing towards the waterfall by the green question mark on the gravestone right? Let’s go find out!

Batman Hideout:

Wow! It is very cool! It just reminds me of the Dark Knight Rise movie!

Now head over to the Cove for a new pin that is hidden!


You’ll see the pin that is hidden on the left of the stripes umbrella next to the fish cooler! Pick it up!

The new pin is a Red Snow Shovel. Click yes!



Very cool big batman symbol in the middle of the iceberg!

That is it folks! There will be more Classified files folder on Dec 3 – 11, and i will keep you up-to-date!

Bye for now,

~Kyle103 was here~

Fourth In Command and DCPNC Creator


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