Invasion of Thermal – Results

Hello Doritos,

Today was a chaotic day. We initially were planning our war against Reacon’s corruption and despicable actions, but instead the truth came out. I was advisor in Redemption Force for 3 weeks – I was there when we hit 65 on Club Penguin and I was there when we all got banned because of Reacon’s mouth. Today, he is no more. The entire community learned the truth, something I knew weeks ago and decided to revolt against Reacon. Being the sore loser that he is, he decided to ruin the fun for everyone and told Epic101 to shut down the army completely. Most people decided to join the Doritos Family afterwards. Everyone who did will be getting a rank close to what they had in the RF. To everyone who joined today, let it be known you have joined something bigger than Club Penguin. In this army you will meet people who you’ll be friends with for life, DCP has been creating bonds since 2010 and we’re just getting started once again.

To all Redemption Force members who joined today; I applaud you. It wasn’t fair what happened, but you all stepped up to a bully and someone who does not care about anybody but himself. Reacon could never get his army big back in the day so he piggy-backed off other leaders and felt like a tough guy threatening every army. At Doritos all our leaders are professional and would never let someone like him get into our ranks. He won’t ever be back.

As for the actual event itself, we logged on Club Penguin with our new members and hit huge numbers (60+). Our tactics could be better but that’s understandable with the mass recruiting we have been doing. Keep in mind that DCP returned 6 days ago and are already averaging 110+ new discord members per day. We are genuinely on track to be the biggest army ever – this couldn’t be possible without all our amazing troops. Thank you everybody today.

From the DCP Oligarchy,

32op, Freezie66, Mustapha10, Elvis/Meerkat, Rishron, Kato & Gingersnap.


7 Responses


  2. great job! ❤

  3. Incomplnam was there

  4. The invasion was wonderful

  5. Ok gotcha thank u but I forgot what rank I was…

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