Return of the OGs – what’s next

Hello Doritos,

I am Freezie66, known within the CP army community for leading the Dark Warriors on the original Club Penguin from 2011-2015. I haven’t even been an army in four years, but today is the day I make my official return to the community.

I was invited to join the army by Mustapha10 & without hesitation I accepted. Returning to the army community is something I’ve wanted to do, but there was never an army I felt that was worth joining. The Doritos are a legendary army that I’ve battled 10s of times and I know the expectation that comes along with leading the army. We’re already beginning to set up an unprecedented leadership full of people who have done it all in the community; it’s time to do it once more.

I implore all of the old generation to return to the Doritos. History is about to be made, the CPO community has not had an army with the history and personalities of the Doritos. We are ready, we’ve experienced this many times and servers are about to be filled with orange.

Our first move is to recruit everyone we possibly can and reunite the family. Afterwards, we’ve already got our sights set. We are going to be giving the Redemption Force a bad, bad beating and showing them what a legendary army looks like. Their leader Reacon has been spouting nonsense and disrespecting the nature of the community. We are here for fun and to create memories – Reacon never experienced this type of power in the original army community and so is bullying and acting as if he is above everyone in the community. He does not care. The Doritos will make him humble, as a family. Let’s do this.



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