Howdy Troops,

This isn’t the final goodbye

Yes Club Penguin may be shutting down, but the community is still here. We’ve all grown close to each other, close enough to be what Mustapha10 calls family.

But really, isn’t this what you would call a family? A closely knit together community of individuals who have one common goal; to win.

It may not be perfect, but somehow for the last 10 or so years of me playing this game, we’ve all made it work. Whether it be “cheat” sites, famous youtubers, just famous penguins, or armies; we’ve built something that not many other gaming communities can match.

It’s at this point in time where I wish my MacBook were still alive so I could pull up some of the first content I ever created for club penguin, the paint penguins, the screenshots, the videos, etc.

But that’s all gone so this is gonna be a lot shorter of a post than I had originally planned it to be.

From leading the Night Warriors, To Leading the Beast that is The Doritos of Club Penguin, its been a fun ride.

Waddle On,

Til Next Time At Least 😉

Former Leader/Legend/Penguin Entrepreneur/Famous Penguin/Ariana Grande Enthusiast

Greenoiscool/President Carter


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  1. Long live your legacy carter. Thank you for all of your great contributions

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