A True Legacy


Possum: Make sure to check out my edit before the pictures!

Surprise Surprise, I’m going to go ahead and apologize in advance DCP – I will be unable to attend Club Penguin’s Big Bang (I’ll still try my hardest) but I have to push out to a training exercise a few states away come Monday (wow isn’t the military awesome). While I may or may not be there – the very least I can do is bid you all a decent farewell.

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I’ve seen every generation fly through – while watching and tipping into to nearly every leadership in DCP, I’ve lost a lot of old friends – but gained even greater ones. I’m not entirely sure If i’ll be on for Club Penguins ending, which is DCP’s ending as well. But I’ve literally grown up leading and believing this army – always pushing it as much as I could. I’ve worked with generations of people – seen the old fall and the new rise – I’ve always done what I could for this army – good and bad – While my past is riddled in failures – It was DCP that always backed me up and sought me out.

Thank you so much DCP, you’re literally my childhood – Some people get pissed off and claim how they hate armies so much – how much they regret all the bullshi* that they dealt with – but in the end I think i’d end up being so happy to have been apart of this small but yet so immersible community.

I could literally go on and on about everything that has happened – but thats what the history page is for- One mans side doesn’t show the full case, which is why i truly believe you just had to have experienced it. The Drama, the heartbreak all the politics and brawls in leaderships – and the most intense battles possible – some that tore us apart and some that brought us even closer than any family member. I used to spend entire nights staying up with Wwebestfan and Alfrondo plotting our next move – talking about life and our futures, I also did the same with Jester and West while trashing other armies and prank calling anyone we could, I’ve spent literally weeks on in with my computer frying doing my best to keep up with Mustapha and his insane recruiting –

All the fights and all the arguments that never crossed the line and always ended up a true stand still out of straight respect for each other. I’ve seen people like Toysoldier come into this community and push it in an entirely new direction surpassing a nameless legend like myself and take armies by a storm.

I’ve literally spent years doing this – while some will cry and deny it – I am so lucky to have spent it here with all of you, I haven’t ever really cared to much for things in my life but this is one of the very few. I just wanted to throw out this quick post just encase I’m not here for the big finally (I could be off deployed elsewhere)

Possum edits:

Bam, you’re a good man. I wish I could have gotten to know you better over the last 3 years. Everyone of you guys have changed my life in dramatic ways. I’m going to be honest. Before I joined DCP, I was going through some tough times. Probably wouldn’t have made it out of those tough times if it wasn’t for all of you guys and the support you offered me. If I tried to thank all of you, it would take me years to complete. Since I don’t have that kind of time, I think a few quick thank yous are in order.

Wwe: thanks for creating such a great army. It has really changed my life

Mustapha: Not only did you recruit me into DCP, but you taught me so much. I have looked up to you for most of my career, and am honored to have served under your leadership.

Bam, West, Brad, 13: You guys are great. Even though you all give me a hard time, its all in good fun and has helped me grow as a person and learn to take criticism a little better.

Pinky, Soph, Moospie, Abhisha, Chloe, Heal, Hamsters: You guy have been such good friends to me. You brought me in under your wings when I was a noob(even more of a noob than I am now that is) and we grew up together. Stay in touch.

Ame: Tell Cold to stop feeding the monsters

I probably forgot like 50 million of you guys, and for that I’m sorry, but I didn’t want to run this on forever. If I didn’t get you on my post I’ll make sure to talk to you on xat. With that being said, Fam Forever.

End of Possum edits: Back to Bam

Thank you DCP, for everything

I can’t actually imagine my life without you all.

The First Doritos Gang

DCP’s True Ownership

DCP’s Legends

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DCP Leader & Legend

Over and Out

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12 Responses

  1. DCP will always live on! :’)


  3. But seriously thank you all for coming out and attending! Thank you all for all the support for DCP as a whole – we couldnt have made it anywhere close to here with out you guys. Love you all

  4. Thank you everyone who attended throughout days, weeks, months, and even years. We are family FOREVER.

  5. Moospie`s Edit: Ever since I joined Doritos back in 2012 (I forgot what month) I knew I would be the best troop. At first I was a bit noobish since I was 12 at the time and didn`t fully mature yet lol but ever since then I grew up and CP armies made me a mature girl. Now I will be 17 years old soon and with CP closing, I will always remember Doritos Of CP in my heart. This was a fun journey. I will truly remember this. I want to thank: Musta, Possum, Toy, Wwe, 13yearoldnoob, Bam, Alf, and all of those who I didn`t mention including the old 2012 troops like Alf and Aaron and Azn! I will keep in touch and hang out on xat while I get school stuff done now. March on for 1 last time,

  6. This is really heart-touching. I’ll never forget this army.


  8. I am going to miss DCP, this is the first army where I got AUSIA Leader. Thanks Mustapha, you are the Greatest of all Time.

  9. This is an amazing post, Bam. I truly have no words that can really explain our relationship in the slightest. You are more than a brother to me, I truly love you. You are the fucking greatest person I have ever met on here and off of here, period. This still all hasn’t fully hit me but you have done so much for me that I don’t think I will ever be able to repay you. It’s fucking insane. I have never valued a friendship more than I value ours, I hope we are able to stay in contact forever. You are the greatest to ever do this man, again words cannot explain 1% of anything – brotherhood forever.. you made me the person I am today and for that I can’t thank you enough

  10. Dcp is and always be my home. I have seen many legends join and rise up the ranks. I know I have been Extremely inactive all this time, but trust me DCP never left my mind. When I joined at 9 years old, I never knew that this thing would last for 5 years. Thank you DCP for all you have done for me, and I will always remember this army.

  11. Doritos will forever be the greatest army I was ever part of.

  12. […] live the DCP Legacy. ~Family is […]

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