It’s over… [Final Event Results]

Toy: We did it…  together. One last time. Everyone who came… thank you. Thank you all. We can truly rest in peace now. Today, we all witnessed former Doritos and new ones reunite as the family we are. Our final goodbye, our final chance to reunite one last time. I don’t think we could have had a better turnout, and I seriously cannot thank every single one of you enough. For the last time, I salute you all. And if the time comes again, I will see you on the battlefield.

Mustapha: Times change, circumstances change and that’s the reality of life in general. DCP has impacted everyone that was truly apart of it, and that’s what makes us such a powerful force, and furthermore, a powerful family. Today’s sights of a united family was truly amazing. I still find it hard to understand how amazing it actually was. I was locked out for 50% of the entire event because the Stadium and the Ice Berg both were filled within seconds. It felt like a tournament battle between two massive armies, yet it was just DCP alone filling rooms. Every single person that attended this event was truly amazing in every single way, it’s extremely hard to describe it all. We were able to get sizes of 70+ on Club Penguin and 2 full pools on our chat room. 


Our final event took place today, 3/25/2017, at 2:30 PST. We had a huge reunion, with the attendance of way over 70 people. The turnout could not have been any better… and our performance was optimal. We all had fun, for over 50 minutes on Club Penguin. For one last time. Good job, everyone. Good job.

23 Responses

  1. I came. Salute.

  2. Family forever… ❤

  3. i came and this is the end gahh im getting emotional!! miss ya guys

  4. One of the best events ever. I will miss DCP, thanks for the memories.

  5. Doritos Forever. I will miss all of you. Thank you for making me become a part of this army. I am a now a legend and will treasure that.

  6. I love you all. Family forever

  7. The past 3 years has been rough. As an RPF or DCP troop, Club Penguin army had taught me a lot. But DCP…it’s just too much to believe. To believe that it has to end now. What we did here was probably the best moments. And now, this might be the only time you’ll ever see me again in CP. Even though this army will be dead in CP, I just want you to know that one day, we will rise again in another game or in CP Island in fact, where although we might not be “official” anymore, we could still go our own paths to play this wonderful game and create our own separate armies.
    Oh what am I kidding! It will never happen!
    But I just want to say thank you so much. Not as a head colonel, but as a member, a son, of DCP. Thank you all for guiding me through these memories. I just want you to know in the lyrics of Scrath21’s Strangers:
    “Please remember that I miss you
    Not caring is so hard to do
    Everything we love together
    It’s not the same without you here
    Feels like you were just beside me
    How did time go by so quickly
    Now we’re strangers but I miss you
    Oh I wonder if you miss me too”
    Remember…always fear the shield because we are the DCP family. Forever.


  9. I came… at only the Stadium part. But i’m glad I got to see the finale of the finale!

  10. I will never forget every single moment I had in CPA, R.I.P.

  11. Good shit, DCP. Fear the shield!

  12. I love all of you

  13. I am gonna miss this army… Ive been in this army since 2010, and l remember the whole history of it. I have made new friends in this army since the first time l have joined, was under Wwe, Bam, Arch and Alf’s leadership. I will miss this army greatly in my heart. RIP DCP and farewell.

  14. Me!!! Just want to say his army will forever be the best snack and the best family in armies.

  15. Toysoldier you are a true legend. Are you thelegend27? Haha.. but lets be serious man, you were one of the first people I have ever considered a brother. We have had our fall outs, we fought to the bone because we are both great individuals and when we bumped heads hell was unleashed. Together however, we always conquered. No matter how many times we fought we easily were able to come back together simply because we are like brothers. You are one of my greatest friends here, and whenever you were by my side I truly felt content and happy. I cannot thank you enough for everything. Words don’t do any of this justice, I wish you could see my emotions. I love you my brother. Toysta forever

    • i would say the same words to you. You already know that you taught me literally everything I knew, and we were so content with that we kept it solely between us. We are the only ones who know exactly how much hard work we put in bro, and in the end it was all worth it. From the time we were kids until now
      Gl in life.

  16. That was sexy

  17. The greatest part about all of this is that in the end we all came together for one last time. Through everything we have all been through, the ups and downs, in the end we considered the Doritos a family and so this was amazing to me. Thank you all for being apart of a journey with me no matter how big or small!

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