Final DCP Event EVER!

Our final event ever will be on Saturday, March 25th. Everyone is expected to be there – all past and present DCP! Everyone must make a heavy effort to come. If most older veterans can come, so can you. Everyone can find a way to make this event. This is the most important event in the history of our entire army. DCP will be ending, but our legacy is forever.

❗ The Finale ❗



5:30PM EST, 4:30PM CST, 3:30PM MST, 2:30PM PST, 10:30PM GMT

Family Forever!

if you don’t know your timezone click HERE




5 Responses

  1. 😥 BEST OF LUCK TO ALL DORITOS. Where ever you may end up, may your dreams be big, and your worries small. Family, forever. I love you all 😦

  2. Will try to attend. I recommend all veterans to come as well, this will be our time to relive our childhoods before finally moving on from this community.

    • Cul, you have contributed to this army greatly throughout the years! For that, we thank you! Bam has banned you because of our past misunderstandings but if you come to the chat you will be unbanned, let me know when you’re online by PCing my from your friends list. Family.

      • Thanks for understanding, I apologize for my past actions to both you and Bam as well as West; it’s unfortunate how the past year and a half has been due to the misunderstandings. But let’s forget about that and have a great last CP event of our lives. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Wszystko fajnie ale te screeny mogÅ‚y by też być wiÄ™ksze po klikniÄ™ciu – no chyba że to specjalny "chÅ‚yt mauodintowy&qtet; żeby byÅ‚o trzeba przechodzić na bloga żeby je sobie pooglÄ…dać wiÄ™ksze 😉

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