Website Defacing

Recently the DCP website was defaced, by someone that was able to access Trader’s email due to his easy password. It may also have been linked to Bam117’s account because they used his password in UMA’s penguins, but all of the invitations to the website were sent from Trader’s account. We were also able to trace this back to Goblinguy, read more for further details.

All this truly did was heighten our security standards, but nonetheless we did some investigation, and with the help of many army leaders we were able to figure out who defaced our website.


February 7th, the day I rejoined DCP, Trader invited his alternate account to DCP website in fear that I would return to remove him from DCP. This led to his retirement as well, and thus the Administrator invitation remained pending.


Gmail logs everyone IP addresses when they login. These are easily accessed by scrolling down and clicking “details” at the bottom right. Furthermore, we obtained this notorious, untrackable defacers IP address. Going deeper we needed to find his exact location in order to accurately determine who exactly did it!


We looked up this address. Unaware of the actual username of the person, just the address. Regarding this address, Goblinguy had to say this about it… (apparently it’s a random address, which is why I’m posting it here)


Upon further investigation, looking at DCP, IW, and CPAC websites to match this person the closest person we got was Goblinguy, former CPAC CEO.


What better way to get Goblinguy to confess than to act like some random stranger that just wants money. Goblinguy was easily open with this “null” and told him that he didn’t care about his reputation in CPA.


He then went on to justify his actions by claiming that all of CPAC’s CEO’s were in fact as corrupt as he is, which I highly doubt, but it’s what he had to say about the situation.


Now, with this all being said.. Goblinguy randomly defaced our website out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. He was welcomed on our chatroom as a moderator (as you can see) but some people are simply insane and would spend hours deleting content from an army website. Trader also helped him deface our website. I suggest nobody trusts these miserable freak individuals who take their anger out in armies.




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