Unprecedented Generation

This DCP right now is truly remarkable. Outstanding in every way, and as we move forward we are expected to skyrocket in sizes. Every single person on the Medal of Honors page has rejoined DCP. The vast majority of the legends page has also rejoined. We are all united because we are a family unlike the rest of these armies that try to come together and simply crumble. We are all together like never before. This has literally never happened in the history of armies before. Now is our time Doritos, we have everyone with us. From Alfrondo to Arch, to even every good DCP leader from this era. Bam117, Jester, and myself among others. There are literally so many legendary and historically great people that it’s hard to even comprehend right now. We have loads of soldiers that date back to 2013 that have rejoined. We even have the greatest AUSIA leaders of all time CSY and Rishron both leading together. With this unity of the entire DCP past and present, strength is brought to our empire.This generation of the Doritos is truly like no generation of any army, ever. Now lets do this.




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