The End Is Near

Hello troops,

With the end of Club Penguin coming on March 29, 2017 also marks the official end of the Doritos of Club Penguin.

We continuously hoped that this day would never come, but Disney gave us no choice. I have decided to end DCP because we have no other option; CPPS’s are not a reliable source since they can be shut down at any time.

 It tremendously saddens me to see the army community fall apart, with years of dedication and loyalty put in by the thousands that have entered the community. Having things such as Club Penguin armies exist made the game far more fun, and it by far revolutionized the game itself. With myself being part of armies I have gained great knowledge. I have developed and improved my grammar and my leadership skills as well as create long-lasting close friendships. I have also lost friends and created enemies, but all of this came with making myself a better person in general.

In addition to the end, I do not want to ruin the legacy that we have created here in the DCP. The history page will be fully up-to-date within a few weeks, and we will also have a memory page put together where current and past troops may leave comments sharing their memories of being in our army.

I ask that any DCP legend who reads this post to consider rejoining, and those who would like to prove themselves worthy of a legend status here to as well, until we shut down for good.

Let’s make the next few weeks count.

Join DCP today!



2 Responses

  1. Cant wait to see that memory page to make comments on how I joined DCP and got this far. 😀 Good stuff wwe ❤

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