Official Retirement of 32op

Hello Troops!

Around 1 month ago, I came back and decided to join for one last run,this time for Leader & Legend. I was successful.

I’ve achieved everything that I wanted in DCP and I just don’t see myself sticking around anymore. Its not because I don’t care about DCP, I love you guys! But I’ve lost motivation for CP Armies & have decided to focus more on my studies.

Its been a great 5 years with you guys and I thank everyone in DCP that has helped me and I apologize for any of my mistakes that I have made in the past.

——-These are the people who I would like to thank—–


















For the last time

-32op Doritos Legend!

7 Responses

  1. didnt thank me woww no goat shout out

  2. You made a huge impact on Doritos in the past month, you’re an influence to me and a mentor to my UK success. I will never forget you . >3

  3. Thanks for being a good leader even though we had our ups and downs with each other all the time but I still like you. D:

  4. good luck. you were a great leader, and friend.

  5. 32 op please come back once in a while

  6. Thanks for everything 32, I hope you have a great and successful life. Visit once in a while yea? We will miss you so much. Again thanks for everything and I truly hope you succeed whatever your dream is in life! 🙂

  7. Btw I will never forget you 🙂

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