2016 DCP Legends Inductions Results

Hello troops,

As previously stated in a post a few days ago, I would be releasing a list of current and former DCP soldiers to be crowned as a DCP Hall of Famer.

It takes a lot of hard work and lots of dedication to be considered a DCP legend, as their are not many for an army that will be turning 7 years on February 8th. This list symbolizes great honor throughout the entire DCP legacy and anyone who ever gets inducted should be extremely proud of themselves.

I give to you, the individuals that have been inducted into the DCP Hall of Fame:


Khimo was recruited off of club penguin by Wwebestfan before the ACP and DCP war in March 2010. When Khimo was in DCP, he never hesitated to show his loyalty to the Doritos. He was everyone’s friend, and also later a mentor to some when he moved onto other armies and later becoming a CPA Legend at one point in time. 

Cooly 8880

Cooly was one of DCP’s most active and loyal Moderators back in early 2010. He was always willing to makeup for events that he did miss, and was also able to help the leaders with anything that they needed help with, without complaining. He was very friendly and was able to create such big friendships that it led to others being very faithful to the army. 


Freezypink also known as Lizz, was a DCP Owner who achieved the rank of Leader in Training back in 2010/2011. She left her army Team Gold to join DCP and brought a lot of her friends with her. She increased the amount of girls brought into the DCP ranks, when armies were majority guys. She also increased the amount of fun by donating xats and powers so DCP could have raffles and prizes.


Unknown was by far one of DCP’s most loyal soldiers to ever step foot into this army. He started out as a member and made his way through the ranks up to Leader years later. He always made DCP his priority and focused on remaining as active as he could. His dedication will never be gone unseen. 


Aaron joined DCP after the ACP and DCP war. Even though everyone saw him as nothing but a complaining noob, his activeness and loyalty moved him up through the ranks from a low-Member rank to Leader in Training, while also having the glory to serve as a leader for a short period of time. 


Gingersnap joined DCP in 2011/2012 and has been in the army on and off ever since. He started off at the bottom of the ranks and made his way up to L.I.T.  He always made sure to follow leaders demands and discuss with our troops concerns when leaders were not online. 


32op is very similar to Gingersnap, in the way that both started from the bottom and made their way up and were both as loyal. 32op joined around the same time but has made his way to a Leadership position. He was one that could always be counted on to play fair and square. 


Azn is one of DCP’s most loyal and active soldiers that DCP has ever had. He was able to make himself so liked that one day he became a Leader. He was one of the very few that was always able to make our chat hyped and have never-ending conversations. 


13yearoldn00b joined DCP in 2012 and has been active ever since. When he was a Member rank in the DCP back in the day, he would show the importance of the army to the leaders and to the newly recruited. He quickly made it through the ranks and was a DCP Owner for quite a while until be promoted to Leader as years went on. 13 has focused on making DCP the most pure army away from multilogging.


Carter was known for creating peace and making strong allies with other armies. He was given DCP leader eventually to help rise, and to give DCP a better name at the time. He first joined DCP in 2011 after he left the Night Warriors and has been loyal to us ever since.


Rishron was known for being one of the only DCP AUSIA division leaders. Back in 2014/2015 when he led the division it was one of the strongest ever seen. DCP was able to conquer many wars and capture many servers because of guiding.


Rocky first joined DCP in 2010/2011 and has been loyal ever since. Whenever DCP was in need of help, even though Rocky would be retired, he was always willing to help out. Whenever he was not retired, he made sure to attend every event.


Congratulations to everyone who have been inducted.

For those who have not been added, better luck next year.


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