My Return and Expectations

Hello Troops,

I’ve done this many times before but each one feels like i’ve never left. The Doritos over the past months have been hit with accusations/confirmations all relating back to one thing. The wretched word so famous in our community ”Multilogging”. Well, i can sure you that zero of that will be tolerated as long as i, Wwe and my fellow colleagues are around. let it be known if something like that is brought to my attention you will be banned from this army entirely or dealt with by punishment.
Now for the interesting part.. my return. I feel now as CPAC Legend i want to do more for this community for example make it more competitive again like it was in previous generations so my goal for the the DCP is to become more aggressive in warfare, i want us to be higly competitive with the best because to be the best you must beat the best. I have been graced with leading massive wars like LT vs DW in 2014. Another thing if i’m allowed i would like to work with CPAC as a writer and develop as one(english isnt my first) or something of significance that brings good change to the army world. I plan my tenure to be long and i plan it to be productive as possible benefiting not only DCP but to make the game better for everyone and i know morale is low.

For my owners:

Keep in mind we have a lot of you, which isnt a bad thing it just proves to me you are where you are because you are someone with potential however there is more than i expected coming back into the army so give me time thats all i ask of you, if feel stuck or hopeless about your future here then let me know i will work something out. I have been in your shoes before, Mustapha would promise me in my case leader if i recruiting x many hours when i did i got the short end of the stick. i know what its like and i understand the fustration. Also, with promotions comes responsibility, multitasking and maturity those are 3 key things you must learn in order for this job.

I would also like to note that i will be joining the U.S. Marines which is very soon.

– jester Doritos Army Leader & CPAC Legend


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