Update on DCP’s Foreign Affairs

Greetings Doritos.

After this mornings endeavors there may be some confusion on the status of DCP’s foreign policy situation. This will be a rundown on the evolution of events.


DCP returned ACP and AR’s servers back to them, as well as RPF’ conquered lands they have invaded. DCP will remain neutral in the war with RPF and will not interfere. We will remain allies with them, stated below. 



Allies and Neutral

It has become aware that not many people completely understand who we are allies and Neutral with. It is completely understandable considering the events of the past 24 hours. Here is the list as follows.


Brother Allies: Army of Club Penguin

Army of the Republic



Underground Mafia Army



Rebel Penguin Federation

Night Warriors

Wild Ninjas


Any other army not listed

Allied Leaders on chat

As we all know, DCP has a policy of keeping allied leaders as mod on the chat. Here is the list specifically of such entitled to be mod. There is a limit of 2 representatives per army.

ACP: Super Edwin, King Mondo

Nachos: Dan101, Conno11

Army Republic: Sai, TheMemeBean

Golds: Antonio960, Coqui

UMA: Step, Trader

Besides this list, no one, not including retired Doritos leaders, shall be made mod unless they are currently a mod in the army. Anyone modding against this list will have to talk to the leadership about their actions.

May this new generation flourish. Until next time,

Mikester DCP Leader

13yearoldn00b DCP Leader

32op DCP Leader

Jester DCP Leader


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