Why DCP Won The Battle Of Tuxedo

For some of you (Chip), armies is all you have in life. Nothing like waking up every morning to that fresh smell of your attic and hopping on your 8.00 RAM laptop to fight the good fight amiright!

Chip devotes his life to his duty as an RPF leader, but even though he spends most of his time on here almost every single day, he still fails to learn and understand the most simplest of things.

Chip claims because I deemed the first two UK battles void due to bot raids, then that automatically makes me a hypocrite by claiming victory on Tuxedo because a small group of bots showed up. Why would the Tuxedo battle be void when we were able to battle in two rooms for the full 30 minutes and be barely effected by bots at all? Do you need to use this as an excuse because all you managed to do was barely keep up with our size and copy our tactics? How sad! But I’ll throw down a simple analogy for you, Chip.

In the first two battles, if they were a CPAC tournament battle (hate to remind you of anything like that sorry my b) or if battles were still being judged by CPA, they would’ve undoubtedly been rescheduled and not counted because there was a huge interference causing both sides not to be able to gain full size or do many tactics. But if the Tuxedo battle were judged by CPAC or CPA, the outcome of whoever won would’ve counted because those small amount of bots barely had any effect on the battle itself.

Ask anyone, DCP easily destroyed you in the ice rink and I’ll be fair and say the ice berg was a tie. So if we won a room and tied another, that’d make us the winners. I’m sorry this is so hard for you to handle, Chip, but like I said before, situations like this can easily be avoided if RPF chilled out for once and didn’t pick on smaller armies. You can continue to claim victory at every battle against DCP, but it doesn’t really bother me because by Saturday you would’ve lost over 25 servers and your first 4 districts by failing to defend against ACP/AR. You can call DCP “cowards” or whatever you want, but RPF are really hypocrites because the most cowardice act is declaring war on an army at a low point in their history for absolutely no reason just because you know you’ll beat them. RPF’s existence will be wiped from the face of the community, and you will never again be able to regain your full strength. Fear the shield.


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