Lord Pain Rages

So after I screwed RPF over with the ACP/AR server transfer, Lord Pain wrote a 7 paragraph essay on RPF site, bashing me and saying I’m apparently a “temporary leader” of DCP, and that I’m brainwashed for protecting ACP. He has some personal vendetta against ACP for absolutely no reason and sees them as a huge threat to any army he leads and blames them for the downfall of the community. He claims that ACP/AR aren’t official armies anymore and even requested CPAC not to include them on top ten LOL. I don’t know what this guy is on, maybe hes just angry DCP destroyed them in war and then ruined all of RPF’s plans by getting ACP and AR’s servers, but hes mentally unstable and has been the laughing stock of CPA for years. (in competition with Elmikey of course) All Lord Pain has ever done with his career is join armies who are already big, get carried by everyone around him, and then get couped a week later. I honestly feel bad for the actual troops in RPF, who are led by raging 20 year olds, but hey its your problem not mine, I carried that mess over the summer, and I’ll be sure to stay as far away from it as I can.

And for ol’ times sake, I thought this little video right here would be appropriate following Lord Pain’s hissy fit on RPF site. Enjoy!

Never forget



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