War Recap: Day One

So as you would expect, a day full of hype, excitement, denial, and of course, bots! But today also marks the start of the war where RPF will finally fall and never again regain power in this community.

A total of 4 battles took place today, with 7 invasions of RPF scheduled by the alliance, and 3 invasions scheduled by RPF against the alliance. Lets recap, shall we?

AT 6:00 AM EST, ACP defended DCP server Deep Freeze from RPF, with bots showing up & making the battle void. Due to bots interfering, the battle doesn’t count, and DCP keeps the server.

At 3:00 PM EST, ACP invaded Sled & AR invaded Sabertooth where RPF no showed to defend, automatically giving them the win. At this same time, the holy Dorito empire successfully defended our beloved capital server, Summit, from the Rebels, where we were heavily bot raided, again making the battle void, and resulting in DCP keeping the server. RPF also claimed to have maxed 45 when they barely had 30. gotti

At 3:30 PM EST, DCP logged on to defend our Co-Capital server, Slushy, and again ran into bots, but got some battling time in, and in the end resulted in a tie agreed upon both DCP & RPF leaders. DCP successfully defends Slushy. RPF also claimed to have maxed 35 when they barely maintained sizes of 20. How tragic.

At 8:00 PM EST, ACP invades the server South Pole and AR invades Snow Flake, both facing no opposition, and both easily taking the server.

At 8:30 PM EST, the today’s final battles kicked off with DCP’s invasion of RPF’s capital, Tuxedo, where a small group of bots showed up, but had very little effect on the battle itself. DCP easily dominated the Rebels in the ice rink, and matched them in the ice berg, thus giving DCP the win & adding Tuxedo to our empire. At this same time ACP invaded Parka and AR invaded Hot Chocolate, where no RPF reinforcements were deployed to defend.

War Score

Allies – 10 || 0 – RPF

Fallen RPF Provinces:


Half Pipe





South Pole



Snow Flake

Hot Chocolate

Day one was a success, lets keep it up DCP.

~Dorito Commanders


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