Hello Doritos!

Today we successfully defended Summit from the Rebels. The battle was barely a battle, because we were heavily bot raided, but we still fended off the rebels and did a good job. We could have made an attempt to battle, but unfortunately, RPF nulls their chat to 40 so lose track of who’s actually a troop or not, and the bot raider hid as one of the nulls and continued to follow us around on Club Penguin. RPF will claim they won, but due to the amount of bots interfering with the battle itself, there is no victor, and therefore DCP keeps the server. We maxed 20+ throughout the battle, Summit is secure.

^Nice example for RPF troops


After being followed by the bot raider to like 4 rooms, we settled in the puffle wild and RPF failed to follow with more than 10 troops. Invader seeks defender so I guess if anyone would be called the winner of this battle, it’d be DCP.


3 Responses

  1. I attended the defense of Summit.

  2. I attended both defenses

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