Exaggeration & Stupidity At Its Finest

RPF have officially become the laughing stock of armies (if they weren’t already after Saturday)

Battle of Summit – RPF claims 45

>Counts off a picture with 32

Battle of Slushy – RPF claims 35

>Has about 22 in their biggest picture

And to add on to RPF’s magnificent display of skill and common sense today, here’s an exclusive video of how things usually go on RPF chat before their events. Take a look.

If you skip through the video or watch the whole thing, you can see how similar RPF’s nulls ID’s are and how many of their “recruits” did not respond to Epic when he pced them. You would think all of RPF’s troops would be excited for a battle tho right? Wrong.

What we also noticed today is that during both battles, the bot raider only seemed to follow RPF. Now I’m not saying its impossible that the bot raider added someone from DCP/RPF on club penguin to find the server, but the bot raider knew which room specifically we went to, each and every time. Now this only happened when RPF found us in the room, and the bots showed up seconds later, meanwhile DCP stayed safe in the room for maybe 5-7 minutes. The bot raider probably knew exactly where to find RPF on club penguin because he hid as one of the nulls on RPF chat. You would think RPF can differentiate between who’s a troop or not to catch who the bot raider is, but they actually can’t because leaders randomly null their chat to 50 and lose track of what nulls are theirs. This is beyond obvious, RPF’s nulling is beyond obvious, and I ask that CPAC look into this and get to the bottom of it.

In the second video you can see Epic pick a fight with one of RPF’s “troops”, who didn’t proceed to even tell a leader what was going on in their PC, but instead decided to respond and even fight back. If “MooCow” was a real troop, he would’ve pced a leader immediately and notified them of the situation and Epic would have been banned. This was obviously an RPF leader’s null and maybe a multilog.

Am I saying this is 100% conclusive? No. Am I saying RPF is blatantly cheating and trying to cover it up? No. But the evidence or accusations or whatever you want to call it displayed in this post definitely raises suspicion, and if RPF are as legitimate and clean as they say they are, they need to clarify who these nulls are and where they come from before every event.


2 Responses

  1. tisk tisk tisk saying that we are nulling? i am ashamed.

  2. there are real ppl with real dreams so back off or we will rain fury with our REAL people

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