The End Of An Era || Christmas Chaos Finals – Victory


Today we logged on for the hugely built up & intense Christmas Chaos Finals. We were ready for the battle with over 61 people on chat and two pools. We expected to come out victorious and we expected to be in for a tough battle. Things turned out differently than we thought. We entered the Mine as fast as we could outnumbering the Rebels by at least 30 penguins, and the Rebels had hushed the Gamesmaster causing them to not know what room to enter. The Rebels then retreated from the room, giving us, the Doritos, the Auto-Win & Automatic Victory. Today we made history. Just one month ago this army was completely fake under the leadership Mustapha10, and shortly after Bad & 13 cleansed it, we’re now holding the trophy of the most anticipated tournament in armies. Who would’ve imagined this moment… it’s truly amazing, and what we’ve been able to accomplish is truly unprecedented. I’d like to thank every Dorito troop & everyone else who took part in this battle. If it wasn’t for all of you, at this victory wouldn’t have happened. As for my resignation, I will not be resigning for nothing but I came in with nothing and left victorious. Truly I was blessed by the Doritos Army, and I personally thank each and everyone of you for this. A surprise is in store for the whole community soon.

The Doritos Army maxed sizes of 50+

DCP Leadership: Sadly, we also say goodbye to army legend Tax1, he took part in this amazing quest to help DCP become the best army and he definitely did the job. We say farewell to him and we wish him good luck in his future. Thank you Tax for everything.

~ Comment for Promotions, include your CP Username and rank, and have a merry Christmas! ~

~Badboy, Tax, 32op, 13yearoldnoob, Brad & Mikester ~


14 Responses

  1. I attended the Christmas Chaos.

  2. wonderful event, i attended.

  3. I came.

  4. i came, some of these are my pics!


  5. I came

  6. I was there! Good job DCP!

  7. i was able to go cuz computer wasnt laggy 😀

  8. I came and Good job doritos. I love you all and I feel appericated to be in this army with you!

  9. I attended

  10. We are the champions

  11. I attended

    sorry for late reply I was busy

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