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This post may fuck up your mind

Or it’ll save your soul;

Reality is nourishment, but some of the truth is hard to stomach. So I heard DCP came back from the dead at the peak of 2015, returned to the community with a bang and dominated. Within the first month, we attacked the top 3 armies, completely devastating each and every army, while starting the war of the year being DCP vs IW, which we ultimately won as IW declared the war “over” when we started gaining a significant advantage. But we didn’t stop after a month, or even two.. No.. we dominated the entire year.


When you’re the greatest, it’s only expected that people will envy you. Jealousy is evil and will drive people nuts. You can see people spending hours on end to tell us specifically how angry they are. This is a result of a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by our success.


I, as the leader of DCP, attacked everyone I deemed worthy of a battle. I had no mercy on our enemies, and I expected them to team up against us. But little did they know, there was a method to my madness. Creating a center of attention that is known as the Doritos Empire, a force to be reckon with, I challenged everyone from legend to rookie, and gave them all a run for their money. I wanted them to team up and create the Power Alliance so it could motivate me and my peoples to the extreme, and this resulted in the maximum sizes in DCP history and of the year 2015. This forced us to bond together with stronger ties than ever before, and we’re considered a family. Ever wonder why all those deductions, flame posts, and armies against us didn’t even make our soldiers itch? We bow to no one and annihilate all those who oppose us. How boring would it be if we didn’t have so much action? I know I would have retired a long time ago.


Just like when ACP was enormous and unprecedented and people turned against them, it was expected here in our army. It even happened to RPF during Elmikey’s reign (Ironically I rode w/ Elmikey until the end, no matter what the price was). Except we are not a temporary adversary and we will smack anyone and everyone. We have proven that we are legitimately unstoppable so far. No matter who leaves, no matter what is posted on media outlets, no matter who declares war, we will stand strong and continue to grow stronger each and every time. We are learning and growing together everyday. I do have some regrets, I have put people on in this community that have stabbed me in the back, but without me they would be nothing but a good idea. Although I have made mistakes, we wont be stopping anytime soon. I haven’t been active lately, I don’t come on at all during the weekends, and during the weekdays I have been coming on late & going AFK until event time. That is going to change now.


People will moan and cry all day because they envy our success. Holy shit, I would too. Instead of taking these people seriously, you should laugh about how much effort people that you don’t even know put into going against you. Don’t forget that they’re the reason we are as great as we are. Everyone in our environment contributes to our success. But always remember, this is just a game. It’s for 9 year olds but we find ways to make it fun. Don’t take it too seriously. Family Forever


There has been no army similar to DCP in army history. Look around, there’s old men who have been here for a decade and they can’t even compare to the Doritos Empire. Each and every one of us are becoming legendary by the moment. We are always on these peoples minds, and we aren’t ever going to be forgotten. This is truly something great, and you’re either with us or you’re a nobody. Fear The Shield

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


7 Responses

  1. good shit

  2. Everyone suspected of multilogging got removed by Mustapha. Yet people still think Musta multilogs? LOL
    DCP chat is active 24/7 with over 50+ online on the chat yet people still call them multilogs. Some people are too deluded from reality.

  3. Fam forever musta. Fam forever 🙂

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