Person Of The Year

Note: I am posting this on our website because Zakster, one of our greatest enemies this year has described how dominant of an army this is and how nobody can stop us.


The Universal Adversary

While I was on the CPA Central administration under Bluesockwa1, I studied the job of the Chief Executive Officer in the hopes that I would one day assume the position. One large part of the job was coming across many people who wanted your head. For Bluesockwa1, that was Waterkid, Elmikey, and a couple of other people throughout his couple of years as a CEO. For the large majority of my time as a CEO, my largest opposition came from 2015’s Person of the Year, Mustapha10. At the helm of the Doritos throughout 2015, Mustapha10 made a large number of headlines, and in correspondence to his position of power, a large number of enemies.

It’s fair to say there has not been a more polarizing figure in armies this year than Mustapha10. From late winter this year and onward, his leadership of the Doritos garnered praise for its results, as well as criticism for some of the controversies that arose from it. He was at the head of the largest war of 2015, which was the war between the Doritos and the Ice Warriors, this year’s two most powerful armies. During the war, the Doritos became plagued with scandals, yet they remained as strong as ever. A common thread between armies this year was that following a special report concerning them, they proceeded to fall out and suffer heavily. The Doritos were not one of those armies, as evidenced by their sheer dominance this year.

It is no secret that Mustapha and I did not get along. Yet, when we weren’t at each other’s throats, we were friends. He, at times, has shown a different side of himself to me that makes me believe he’s more than just a leader. To me, it seems obvious that there’s a reason his army has been able to remain so dominant throughout the year — himself as a person. While yes, I have wanted to murder him several times, as did many others in the community, I would have to be a fool to ignore the indelible mark he has made on the community this year. His title, the “Universal Adversary”, reflects his controversial nature and his tendency to make more enemies than friends, which usually marks doom for an army. However, his ability as a leader and as a person have allowed the Doritos to thrive as the top army of 2015, hence why he has been named 2015’s Person of the Year.

— Zakster, CPA Central CEO


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