Temp Re Tire Ment

Edit: Xat had errors and it wouldn’t load for anyone and the chat reset, but it’s back up now

Hello, Troops!

Unfortunately, I have no more time for armies. For a while, I wont be able to be online. We haven’t any events except for 1 (granted we did better than any other army) but I am incapable of attending anymore events. I’m a leader that goes big or goes home, and now is my time to go home. During my leadership I didn’t owner anyone, I had 1 owner at points and mostly 2-3 owners, but now you guys have a whole owner lineup of competent owners and a very good leadership. Now is your time to shine, Doritos. Now is your time to prove to the community who you really are, and what you’re really capable of. We only gave them a glimpse, and they’re already scared. Keep dominating, together you guys can do anything. Never give up. I will be back.

Usually i’d just thank 4 people like Bam, Brad, Jester, and West… but Shoutout to the TRUE DORITOS! You guys stayed with the family through thick and thin, nothing could divide us. We ride or die together, and we whoop anyone who gets in our way! True Doritos are unprecedented, DCP Master Race

[If I forgot anyone, please forgive me. I love you all but I made this a quick post] (These are just true Doritos who have been here for a while, not all of DCP or all of my friends)

Brad, Bam, CSY, Adeajai, Possum, Moospie, Sophia, Pinkypop, Hamsters, Abhisha, Bartjester, Garrett (the DCP legend), West, Brallie, 4arms, Hotspot, Maximet9, Pippio, Summit, Gingersnap, Jake, 32op, Jester, Agent 11, Galiot, Fuzzball, Cole, Jess, Teaki

If I have any advice to people in this community, don’t be this http://prntscr.com/8xov11 ! (bottom two comments)

Life is just a race against time, so have a good time!

Cyberbullying isn’t cool, especially when you look like a genetic experiment gone wrong so you take your anger out on your keyboards (Jodie reference). I looked at your picture and I got eye banged (in a bad way). And tbh, I understand that you’ve been raped in real life, but that gives you no excuse to talk shit about someone like me who doesn’t even acknowledge you in any way shape or form. I have never communicated with you in my entire life. Maybe people like you should just take up the idea that they’re manically depressed, and in your jealousy and envy it whirls you in a frenzy. So you just twist and twirl, spiral and spin til you hurl yourself into rage. This is kind of like Drmatt taking his fathers death out on me. I didn’t even know Drmatt but I checked his website and seen upwards of 20 rage posts. My point is, this is just a game and you should just follow your bliss instead of drowning yourself in anal!

While I’m here, I should address the CPAC CEO – Zakster. He is the creator of WV, our main enemies. He uses his media outlet platform to try to tarnish the DCP reputation. Consistently deducting points from us without providing any valid evidence. The people of this community allowed this to happen, and even worse – some blindly followed him. Yet we have still gotten 1st more than any other army in 2015. Zakster, you have been added to the DCP Hall of Shame, you will soon have to face the more severe consequences for your stupidity

And for the final time, (for a while)

Fear The Shield

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


13 Responses

  1. We will miss you while you are gone. We will make you proud when your back. Fam forever!

  2. you were truly a legend musta. 😦
    thanks for impacting the community in a positive way
    you always fought for what you believed in

  3. Sad to see you go for a while but we will show you we are still on top. You were like a father to me musta and will always be as a special friend. :D. If I don`t see you by April when I retire myself then hopefully sometime we will see each other again which I`m sure we will.

  4. Wow, never though this time would come.
    All I can say if you were one of those persons that I could look upto if I needed help.
    I’m glad we could get to know each other for awhile.
    All of this is sudden news to me.
    Wont lie I teared up once i hear the news ;^)

  5. Wow, never though this time would come.
    All I can say if you were one of those persons that I could look upto if I needed help.
    I’m glad we could get to know each other for awhile.
    All of this is sudden news to me.
    Wont lie I teared up once i hear the news ;^)
    I hope both of us can K.I.T (Keep In Touch)
    Thanks for all you have done for us by even,
    Cheering us up,
    Telling us nothing is impossible todo.
    Thanks for taking your time and dedication to leading Doritos of Club Penguin into number one. ;^)

    Best of luck and hope you have a good life.
    ~Cole1159 – DCP Mod

  6. Good luck in life, Musta. Family forever.

  7. 😦 rip Musta 2010-2015 well it’s temp so he’ll be back soon. Bye- bye :(.

  8. Good luck with life and stay safe. Ooh, and i’m glad i’m in a post. XD

  9. Lmfao, was that supposed to bother me?

  10. Take care musta

  11. oh we will miss u mustapha we will never forget u

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