WV multilogs pt. 2

Why you always lyinnn????

Why you always lyinnn????

Penguins with generic names – use their full username excluding numbers as pass
eg. Princess97, princess
Penguins with names relating to Pokemon – pass will always be pokemon
eg. Mewtwo45, pokemon
Note – There could be more multilogs but some penguin names are blocked by emotes or the chat bar.
charizard21 – pokemon
India24 – india
princess97 – princess
mewtwo45 – pokemon
super23 – super
logan1999 – logan
charizard34 – pokemon
Arceus47 – pokemon
Soccer1111 – soccer
pikachu743 – pokemon
Superman2010 – superman
Paintboy57 – paintboy
But CPAC deducts point from us because of fired soldiers accusations? Badboy and Firestar said we multilog? No proof!

Fear The Shield

Until later,
March On!
~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

7 Responses

  1. lol, wv just got owned.
    at least you guys actually showed evidence

  2. […] the DCP scandal came out DCP is still constantly claiming that WV multilogs too, as you can see in this post on their site. They have a list of accounts which they claim they are used on WV. While the […]

  3. Thanks for the free accounts. ;P

  4. […] Oh and don’t forget http://doritoscp.com/2015/10/11/wv-multilogs-pt-2/  😉 […]

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