Nachos Ran out of Salsa

The Nachos (some small irrelevant army) decided to make a giant essay about the Doritos. Let me just start with each table of content they made.

  1. A Summary of the Past Few Days – The Community Stands Together (for once)


Reading from this part, it turns out even the former #1 army the Nachos (NOW FAILURES LOL) are also gullible now. What a terrible army. I’m just going to say this, ANYONE can say someone told them to multilog and everyone would go ape about it. This community and people are so gullible these days about that. Not only that, why, out of EVERYONE, would he tell A 2ND IN COMMAND to multilog??? LOL! Give me a break Nachos. I won’t even start with Cul lol, he got hit in the head by a kangaroo (shout out to DCP for making this an inside joke), he’s legit a maniac. I’m not kidding Nachos lol, your leaders are so stupid. There’s a reason you’re still as  small as Sprite’s brain.

2. Episode 5: The Nulls Strike Back – Teenage Angst, Bad Break-ups, and “Irrefutable Proof”

So apparently the Nachos don’t read DCP’s posts either. When West (someone who’s 10x better than the Nacho leaders now combined) CLEARLY STATED that he was joking. Anyone who was ever in DCP knows that West is sarcastic 24/7. I could go around and say I multilogged for DCP and everyone would go ape about it like usual. Use your brains if you have one.


According to the Nachos, you can’t make a new WP account anymore without getting blamed for something incredibly stupid (especially if you support DCP). I haven’t seen such stupidity since Kyle103 tbfh.

You also proved our point on the bullets. Cul is butthurt over being banished from DCP so he’s trying to sabotage DCP entirely. Everyone who gets banished from the army they were loyal to does that LOL, especially in this community where everyone is jealous of others success.


I’m just going to skip to the last paragraph in this because the rest is pure autism. Lets be honest “AKA”, nobody cares about how long the Nachos had the #1 spot. That’s the past. This is the PRESENT. DCP is 100x better than the Nachos now. Lets be honest, in 2013, the formula for the Top Ten was mainly based on size, and if that was the case still, DCP would be 1st for a year or two. Try getting first now with the new formula then try to talk, thanks. ❤

3. Inside the Mind of a DCP Recruit (Interlude)

All I have to say about this, Interlude should just try to meet other friends. If Interlude really said this, then they’re just insane both in armies and irl. I’ve never seen someone something as insane as that.

xmustapha102 has logged off. Since Abhisha is under his IP address, he is cut off and logged out as well, along with 10 others.

I’d like picture evidence of this lol, this is just like you having the ability to go around and say someone told you to multilog and people would be gullible enough to believe it. If this actually happened, show evidence, and also show evidence (at Bad and Cul) of Mustapha asking you to multilog. I’m so done lol.

4. Epilogue

I’m just going to roast you and the Nachos here because this part summed up your stupidity. In conclusion to everything posted here, the Nachos are gullible and are as stupid as Sprite. Not only that, the Nachos can’t handle the fact that they can’t become big anymore like DCP. The Nachos are just as bad as Cobra, and so are their leaders and troops, period. No exceptions. This community is mad that DCP is the best and nobody can’t get 1st because we’re too good, so everyone decided to jump DCP. I don’t need to go any further, do I? DCP are the best, and that’s final. Nobody can stop this army, and I respect the leaders who are going through all these accusations because they’re just simply better than everyone else.

Message to the troops of DCP:

Don’t let the media fool you. It fools us in real life just as much as it fools us in armies. Just know that DCP is the best army alive and will be for a long time. This army is a FAMILY, and you can’t take that away from us. We never break (shout out to IW’s ownership), and we never fault. Every DCP troop should be chanting “Family Forever” for the next few days to show that you have pride in being in this army.

Don’t let the media fool or control you.

-Agent 11


2 Responses

  1. Ya 🙂 When we did like 200 or so kicks at taekwondo what kept me going was pretending that all those kicks hit the dcp haters. I love u guys FAM FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am actually “I hate it” I forgot to change my name ever since they decided to change the CPAC website but then changed it back after I think 1 day. I feel bad that I caused a post to rage at DCP.

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