Zakster the peanut flavored poptart

Your “evidence” is fired troops? Lol… WHAT? You asked fired troops if I told them to multilog, and they showed NO evidence AT ALL. How this is worthy of a 10 point deduction is beyond me. You never have had and never will have ANY evidence of DCP multilogging because we actually don’t. You’re all delusional and can’t comprehend the fact that we’re just better than all of you half ass nerds sitting behind your computer complaining about how DCP is so much bigger than you and how we should be destroyed. With all that time spent moaning you could of actually tried to make a difference in your puny ass armies.

As for that Mustapha10x penguin, it isn’t mine lol… Cant you see the penguin I use for events is xmustapha102?! And the Mustapha10x penguin is at every IW event and no DCP events? How retarded can you get lol…


  • 3 Fired soldiers claim DCP multilog
  • Sprite bot raids on CP under a random username
  • DCP gets deducted -10 points

Good job Zakster, you proved once again that you’re mentally retarded!! I’m sure the smarter guys over at CPAC are just going to undo your stupidity (again)


6 Responses

  1. LMFAO

  2. I never realized how the names in the penguins were different.

  3. my dad is a savage and my friends know i look dumb thats why they make fun of me in sprites DMs

  4. #DownWithCPAC






  5. vulni cura motha truckas

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