Why the Ice Warriors must be annihilated

Hello, Troops!

Iceyfeet was coming to DCP chat every single day, trying to bring us down. PCing our owners and interrogating them, accusing badboy of multilogging, accusing me of multilogging, ect. It was very odd, so I decided to do my own investigations. Iceyfeet claimed that DCP penguins without stamps were multilogs, well what about Icey Warriors member penguins with 0 stamps?

      iw multi7 iw multi8 iw multi9 iw multi10 iw multi11 iw multi12 iw multi13 iw multi14 iw multi15 iw multi16 iw multi17 iw multi18 iw multi19 iw multi20 iw multi21 iw multi22   iw multi25 iw multi26 iw multi27 iw multi28 iw multi29 iw multi30 iw multi31 iw multi32

Iceyfeet has been accusing DCP of multilogging since early this year in our first war. DCP has a completely different ownership at this time, so how could it be that all of those owners that have been fired, the owners that have betrayed, and the owners that have joined IW all haven’t showed a single piece of evidence at all towards DCP multilogging. That’s virtually impossible. Iceyfeet, you had your owners multilog and a few days later they all admitted it and your own leader Cargo disagreed with your multilogging stunt and quit your army. Probably because IW is actually a good army with a corruption and delusional pedophile at the helm.

iw multi33  iw multi35  iw multi37 iw multi38

And we have the elite raider kim jong un of CPA who uses your bot to falsely inflate your chat size. This guy is a complete joke and begs to rejoin DCP nearly everyday, I instead tell him to go play toontown with Iceyfeet

iw multi39

I mean, Iceyfeet ultimately says it best! He knows his army better than anyone else! After all, he has been there for nearly 10 years / 1 decade!

iw multi24

And now we move onto Wwebestfan. Iceyfeet got him to feel bad for IW, and Wwe being sympathetic has mercy on IW and has been trying to fix relations, he even went to IW to try and fix the relations through there. The reality of the situation is that Iceyfeet deserves no sympathy, as he only brought this upon himself. We have tried to be allies with IW, but time and time again he would try to bring us down. He tried making a deal with WV during our NDA war (where Cargo, Spikey, Apollo, and Andrew24 were all supportive of our close alliance), he got IW to drop out multiple times and he even tried getting DW to drop out of the alliance so it would only be DCP 1v1 WV.


Your time is up old man, stop dictating IW and trying to take out DCP simply because we’re the reason you aren’t 1st on the top 10. True leaders like Andrew and Cargo have earned that nation that you’re blowing away. I legitimately feel bad for all the people that you’re using in IW, because I have known them all over the years and each and every single one of them are truly amazing people. Eventually, they will see through your nonsense

Fear The Shield

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


4 Responses

  1. icey is like 20 when will he just quit and get a life.

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  3. Rekt… Indefinitely

  4. Icey is 2 old 4 me

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