Agent 11 Introduction

Hello, Doritos!

As most of you should know by now, I’m Agent 11. I was a Leader in Training for a week or so, and now I’m a leader. I’m very honored to lead the best army in all of Club Penguin, and I will be at my best in my time in the Doritos.

As some of you know, I was a former Dark Warriors President, and there is only a few in this army that know I was also a Golds leader. After I was given DW leader, I did try to make an alliance against DCP, until I realized you couldn’t be stopped, so I got DW to drop out. After that, Mustapha10 and I became really good friends and thus made DW and DCP brother allies basically. Now that I was thrown out, I’m now serving as leader with Mustapha.

Despite all the drama that has happened to me with DW and other things, I’m now leader and at my full strength, and that’s all that matters.

Remember Doritos, we’re a family, and even with the exit of our beloved creator, we will remain strong because we are a family. You all must believe in Freezie66 and I in order for us to be at our best capability during our leadership.

With this new leadership, we will no doubt remain the best and continue to rise even higher than we are now.

Just like Freezie66, leading DCP will be a whole new environment, and I will need a bit to adapt as well. Just remember to believe in us and we will adapt as fast as possible.

Don’t believe in anything the Dark Warriors say, they’re just jealous of us.

Family Forever.

-Agent 11 – Doritos Leader


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  1. can you plz stop sending me the emails

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