To Kingfriendlist:

You called DCP small because 14 troops logged onto a canceled event. Yet our last unscheduled event was bigger than any event WV has had in their entire history. If I’m wrong, then provide picture proof 😉

You call yourself a CPA legend but every single army you have led has been a complete fail.


CPAC staff may believe that I have used Zakster as a scapegoat, but fortunately enough, that is not the case. What had happened is, Zakster gave WV 60 size average even though their max pictures had 52 in them. You guys say that Mach made the top 10, but you leave out the key factor that Zakster did the majority of the top 10 (up to friday). This led us to believe that Zakster was bias, although it was actually a misunderstanding. I try to only make legitimate accusations, and I try not to slander anyone (including CPAC CEO’s). Everything currently been cleared up.


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