My Resignation

Hey DCP,

Some of you may have noticed I have become slightly inactive over the last 2-3 days, this is because school has started for me once again and I simply can not stay up for UK events, wake up early for US, and attend all that many AUSIA events either. The past month and a half has been simply amazing. I’ve got to know so many of you over the time, and I’ve also learned how much this community has changed since I retired 3 years ago. This place has evolved so much more than I could have ever imagined.  Although the Legends Cup may have not turn out as we would have liked, I am glad I helped DCP reclaim the number one position twice and managed to stay as a top 3 army. Not only that, we managed to get 50+ during an AUSIA event which is the second biggest in history I believe. I hope that in the future, I can come back to lead DCP once again. But for now, the future is uncertain.

Family Forever

-Cul, Former DCP Leader & Legend

special thanks to:














5 Responses

  1. Cul you miss me !!! thanks for all Mitrev

  2. I’m very happy to see all of our family happy we’ll be family forever and I also will reward with A forever membership I love you guys

  3. I’m going to miss you Cul. You were a great leader :9 You inspired me.

  4. Rip AUS
    You’re an amazing guy to work with, one of the only (if the the only) leaders that really listens to everyone’s opinions. It was great meeting you, and I honestly hope that one day you’ll be back to break flipmoos record once and for all.

    Good luck with life man, and stay cul. Uh cool.

  5. ❤ Cul

    Goodbye 😦

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