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20 Responses

  1. Xat Name: Zelyxir CP Name: Ninja62259

  2. xat : Adeajai

    cp: Sashimi9

    rank : 4ic

  3. xat name: adeajai

    cp name: sahimi9

    rank: 4ic

  4. Xat Name: SwagBlazin CP Name: AbsoWither

  5. Xat Name: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ▼◄ ▲~Ƥιηкуρσρ9333~▼◄ ▲ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Club Penguin Name: Pinkypop9333
    Rank: Lieutenant General

    First Comment!

  6. Han Solo 220.
    No Xat
    I want to be mod.THANKS!

  7. I CAME! Where’s my promo? 😡

  8. 1. Mkll
    2. Snowpls
    3. 4ic

  9. Xat name: Celebi
    Penguin name: sonicrush79
    Rank: head colonel

  10. I was there cp user: lilly4644 xat user: chloeaustinr im currently a member

  11. Xat Name: ||∂נ♠мкℓℓ2||ℓєтѕ♠gσ♠уaηкєєѕ||

    CP Name: Snowpls

    Rank: 4ic

  12. Donnabinna
    Lieutinant general
    Please can I have Head General?

  13. 1)Brallie4lyfe__Dcp___I_AM_A_GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!
    3)warrant officer

  14. Xat name: APPLE6683
    cp name: APPLE6683.

  15. Hello, I would want a membership since I attend the battle and hopefully i get prmoted! Thank YOU!

  16. xat name : kishor31
    cp name: kishor31

  17. xat name: James
    cp name: Jamestra

  18. Xat Name: (Dorito)Robs123
    CP name: Ponger12345
    rank: private

  19. xat name:JamesTDoritos
    cp name: Jamestra

  20. Rocker788

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