[UK] Battle vs RPF – Results

Hello Doritos. Today we logged on Breeze and we battled against RPF. We defeated them and showed them that they made a wrong decision allying the twitchers of cp aka Dark Warriors. 

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 uk battle vs rpf1 uk battle vs rpf2 uk battle vs rpf3 uk battle vs rpf4 uk battle vs rpf5 uk battle vs rpf6 uk battle vs rpf7 uk battle vs rpf8 uk battle vs rpf9 uk battle vs rpf10 uk battle vs rpf11 uk battle vs rpf12 uk battle vs rpf13 uk battle vs rpf14

R4aRWsZ 4Q4kuWj rPiUjaY RzJ3yC5


Comment If You Came!

32op LIT

2 Responses

  1. Rekt

  2. Send elmikey to college

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