3rd in Command: Election Information

Hello, Troops!

3rd in Command Elections are coming! Before you know it, you’ll be choosing the next owner! As for the 4ics, make sure you read this post for all the information about the elections and more.

  1. All 4th in Commands will be nominated as candidates and potential 3rd in Commands
  2. There will be 1 moderator handpicked in a meeting with all the owners. (Tomorrow 3pm EST)
  3. In addition, there will be another moderator elected by the soldiers!        (Poll will be released this week)

Good Luck to all candidates – Family Forever!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


10 Responses


  2. Good luck to all the 4th in commands! Family forever 🙂

  3. I hope healthy wins, he’s such a good troop.

  4. i hope i win

  5. Good Luck to all the other 4ic’s,May the most deserving wins.

  6. im just here for the pizza :3

  7. Good Luck to Every 4ic. If you lose don’t quit keep working for it. That is how I becamse 3ic 3 years ago! Family Forever!

  8. im a 4ic and i recruit 45mins a day an if i get voted in that means ill have to recruit all the time again ~summit

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