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We did great today – and all throughout the week!

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19 Responses

  1. Great battle guys! DW’s nothing against us!!

  2. everyones boss from the champ woop!! go dcp

  3. I came! BC Yolo 😀

  4. I made it to the battle!


  6. I was able to make the battle I was lilly4644

  7. i attended 😀

  8. I came

  9. I was there! Dcp victory

  10. They kept trying to lock us out! HOW PATHETIC

  11. dcp victory just another victory YEAH

  12. lol epic but since i attended can i get mod? and btw my name was Dark ninga25

  13. I made it!


  15. I missed the event so I recruited during it, I recruited from about 11 cst to 4 cst, andI am 4Ic so I don’t get promos, I hope you guys did well!

  16. weres mine

  17. I came for a bit

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