Nachos Caught Multilogging

Hello, Troops!

Recently, the Nachos accused us of multilogging. Providing no evidence at all. We now know that they did this to cover up their own multilogging.

As soon as we found out, the Nachos tried covering it up. Green (Nacho Leader) tried claiming that he was using the “Umaluis1” penguin.

You guys forgot to find an excuse for Mr Wattles, Umaluis1 and Green Dal all being in battles together. Ever since Luis Joined Nachos, Mr Wattles suddenly also joined! They also suddenly attended the same exact battles together!

Evidence is below:

Green Dai, Luis, and Mr Wattles all in a battle together.

Green Dai, Luis, and Mr Wattles all in a battle together.

Luis admitting to being  Mr Wattles.

Luis admitting to being Mr Wattles.

Luis admitting that he multilogged

Luis admitting that he multilogged.

A Small/Medium Army News website exposed this multilogging. We aren’t the ones who found out. All credit goes to SMAP.

This is all nothing new. Nachos have been known to use unconventional methods and create fake pictures. There are also 3 other penguins that will be exposed when the time comes.

Fear The Shield

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


3 Responses

  1. Green Dal is Green Dai’s account. Umaluis1 and Mr Wattles are Luis’. Green Dal was there but afterwards he got banned possibly for saying inappropriate (I did that once, that’s why im saying it :redface: ) so he used Umaluis1, now that all 3 are there idk.

  2. hek no nachos.

  3. I can’t believe this is happening! :O I should have realized. ~Luvit

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